Why You Should Strengthen Your Core

Why You Should Strengthen Your Core

A lot of chatter in the fitness circles is around core strength, with many workouts and exercises specifically targetting the abdomen, lower back, and the hips. However, core exercises are not just about having abs and a good-looking butt (though those are a great added bonus) – core strength is very important for our overall health and well being. Here is why –

  • For Stability and Balance – The basic functions of stability and balance are essential for carrying out everyday activities without injury and support. Furthermore, many professionals such as dancers, footballers, or those engaged in physical labor need a strong core to support their bodily movements, which helps in precision and productive work. Thus, core strength is essential for daily functioning and is a must for anybody who wishes to make a career or compete in physical activities.
  • Everyday Activities Become Easier – When your core is strong and lean, your ability to do daily activities, ranging from cleaning and cooking to lifting and walking, becomes much easier. A good core thus ensures that you are able to live a good and productive life daily and independently.
  • Promotes Good Posture – You may have heard of the endless complaints of how laptop and phone screens and desk-jobs are ruining our postures – unfortunately, these concerns are very true. Poor posture can increase fatigue, muscle stiffness, and pain, and lay the groundwork for chronic conditions later in life. A good core helps in ensuring a proper posture, keeping these problems at bay.
  • It’s Foundational for Fitness – Do not think that you can bulk up your biceps or tone your thighs without having your core involved. As a central pillar for the entire body, our core muscles are always working, even when our target group is some other set of muscles. Having poor core strength can mean improper form in other exercises, which in turn can mean poor fitness. So do ensure that regular core workouts are a part of your routine.
  • It Helps As Your Grow Older – The benefits that core strength provides – better posture, better balance, and stability, and better fitness – can have a very long term payoff. As you grow older, your capacity to exercise and endure surely decreases. But with a strong core, you can still keep up a moderate amount of exercise without injury and fatigue, and also keep at bay a host of chronic problems. So, it is best to start your core training early in life.
  • Shed off the Fat – While the aesthetic appeal of core training is not the most important benefit it provides, it is a great motivator and adds to your overall health too. Targetting your core can help you target belly fat, which is often considered dangerous for your health. As you shed off your weight and see the results, you will also be motivated to keep up the work and see even more progress.

So, by now you must be aware core strengthening is a very important component of overall fitness, one that can make the difference between being fit and being truly healthy. So make sure to integrate core exercises into your workout routine, and you will see the results for yourself.

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