Why should modern multi-taking moms and females should try Yoga Workshops with Hith Yoga

Why should modern multi-taking moms and females should try Yoga Workshops with Hith Yoga

For women, multi-tasking is not a skill; it is a necessity. As the glass ceiling slowly cracks, women are beginning to work in more and more positions of power and leadership and influence. At the same time, personal choice and societal pressure mean that women also continue to take an active role in household duties and raising a family. Indeed, every woman today often performs duties with dual burdens – they need to be both analytical and emotional, strong yet tactful, passionate but controlled, and rational yet innovative.

Many women rise to this challenge spectacularly. Working women and homemakers today have not only accepted their multidimensional roles, but even integrated and expanded them. It is because of such women that we have a much more vibrant society today.

Unfortunately, many women succeed at the cost of their own personal health. There may be more opportunities, but the playing field is by no means level, which means that women often have to work harder to prove themselves. This means compromising on breakfast to reach office early, forgoing one’s own self-care time to look after children, and even overlooking the often-painful symptoms of menstruation to ensure that they do not take leaves from office. Alongside these pressures typical to women, lifestyle influences further cause havoc to female health. Consumption of highly processed food, rampant pollution, stress, and lack of exercise all tend to pile up, creating an insidious path that leads to chronic problems such as hypothyroidism, PCOD, and infertility issues. Even women who are on their feet daily and always doing physical work, such as homemakers, find themselves in poor health, either because they simply have no time for self-care and relaxation, or because of a myriad of mental problems and physical labor-induced injuries.

Alarmingly, women are more likely to have multiple psychiatric problems as compared to men, and also have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. 

Thus, while women continue to fight relentlessly, the circumstances can often be stacked against them, to the extent that they may face burnout, physical and mental problems, and depletion in their quality of life that prevents them from enjoying the fruits of their success.

We at Hith Yoga Studio understand that modern women continue to have many challenges to face and battles to win. Thus, we want to equip them for their daily life with the tools of good health, ones which also help them dedicate time to themselves and find their inner peace and strength. Hence, we are proud to present a comprehensive Workshop on Women’s Health, which will focus on dietary guidelines and tips, and stretches, breathing and mindfulness practices to deal with issues such as menstrual complications, thyroid problems, and postpartum depression. 

Hence, we hope to present to our attendants’ knowledge and techniques that can help them bring the focus back on their own health and well being, and enable them to take their lives to the next level of balance, challenge, and success.

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