Why meditation can’t solve all my problems

Why meditation can’t solve all my problems

What’s inside?

  • What is the need of meditation?
  • What are the benefits of meditation when done with proper guidance?
  • What is the real art of meditating?

Clearly, we humans are the most conflicted species of all!

We might boast about our heightened intelligence over animals but what about those times when the same intelligence falls prey of internal conflicts. These conflicts can rise from anything like several unwanted inhibitions or from a disturbing desire to overeat. These conflicts have the potential to drag us to the very verge of vulnerability.

But, as already said, we indeed are way more intelligent than any other being, we have devised methods to cope with those unwanted conflicts too. We devised a  method called meditation that saves us from getting embroiled in the paradoxes of being human

It is considered to be a magic bullet that can fix your career, relationship, while sharpening your skills at the same time. Whoa! That definitely makes daily ‘OM’ the omnipotent remedy and an ultimate solution of life’s problems. But it isn’t, Is it?

Meditation has been known for long as an art of fully immersing oneself into the present sensory experience to become the most content and complete version of oneself.

While Meditating for an hour or two on a daily basis has a lot of mental and physical benefits but it’s surely not equipped to solve your business and personal problems and it’s definitely not making you any slimmer (Unless you skip your meals doing it.) 

Further, Buddhist meditation suggests that meditation can solve all the problems because all the problems are mind-made. That’s the premise of Meditation that your problems are not yours but your mind’s problem, REALLY! The problem is that sometimes problems actually exist, and all that meditation can do at that time is to make us calm and letting us focus on the actual problem while saving us from undue wandering.

In a study, researchers divided meditation enthusiasts into three categories depending upon their hours of meditation; beginners, intermediate, and ‘olympic-level’. They were than observed scientifically to observe the kind of brain changes that occur during meditation.

It was revealed that it was only in the beginning stage that meditation actually has a startling result as slowly the brain starts to get tamed into thinking about peaceful and positive things. But at intermediate and higher level, it was revealed that they have already attained a much calmer pursuit so not flabbergasting results were obtained.

Further, some experts also suggest that not everyone knows the real art of meditating which may lead to loopholes in the results found. A person has to rise above his selfish goals truly immerse into his being, and to achieve answers to all the questions. Well, this might be the case but humans are humans, they can’t be wired into thinking selflessly. Thus, the entire question of why should meditation be given the credit of solving all our life’s problems continues to prevail.

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