Why HR Should Consider Yoga Classes

Why HR Should Consider Yoga Classes

If you are in charge of the well-being of the employees in your company, you know that good work can only come from good workers, and good workers, in turn, are healthy and happy individuals. Making the most conducive and incentive-laden work environment may not be enough to boost your productivity and help you keep an edge on the market if your workers are unhappy, tired, or mentally blocked. 

Yoga can help you create ideal employees, and here is how – 


Many office workers today have poor lifestyles, with low mobility, long hours, and dependency on delivered food. Problems in their health, ranging from burnout to chronic illnesses, can also affect their productivity at work. Yoga, a holistic exercise doable by individuals at all levels of fitness can help employees feel their best, physically.

Mental Health

Office work today is often more about using intellect, and can also introduce elements of monotony, stress, and frustration. Personal life may also impact the mental wellbeing of employees. Yogic exercises and meditation helps in removing negative energy, reduces stress, and facilitates discipline, concentration, calmness, and by extension, better decision making. 

Cooperation and Coordination

A little competition in the workplace is normal and even conducive to productivity, but too much can begin negatively affecting morale and performance. Practising yoga together can help employees interact with each other as individuals instead of colleagues, and facilitate greater synergy and understanding for individual and company benefit.


If you want to attract the best and brightest, and more importantly, make them stay with you, your company needs to provide them with substantial and genuine benefits beyond money. Yoga classes not only help you employees, but they also communicate concern and care about their holistic wellbeing that the company has and the notion that they are valued as individuals.

Cost-Benefit Ratio

If you stack them up, the benefits of yoga can far, far outweigh the costs involved in arranging and conducting the classes. Few practices can provide the holistic impact yoga can, and regular practice by employees may even lead to savings for the company in the form of less absenteeism and turnover, better decision making, and attraction of talented individuals. 

Hence, yoga can improve the wellbeing of the employees and benefit the company in multiple ways. If you are convinced and are looking for a professional, highly-rated studio to help you kickstart this process, contact Hith Yoga Studio. With its dedicated team of experts with vast knowledge and experience, Hith Yoga has a long record of providing yoga classes, workshops, and retreats in corporate settings.  With us, you can be assured that your employees will get the skills and techniques that they need to improve their health and productivity. Join a number of our prestigious clients, including General Electrics, Times of India, Pepsi, and numerous governmental bodies in providing your employees with the health focus they need and deserve. 

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