Which Yoga Hybrid is best for you?

Which Yoga Hybrid is best for you?

Hybrid Yoga is all about diversely spicing up your regular Yoga asanas by blending it with creativity. This is a kind of fusion where yoga is blended with another activity. Such a fusion usually gives birth to the new trends of yoga-dance classes, yoga fitness classes, yoga-pilates classes, etc and sometimes on a more lighter note, forms like beer yoga and doughnut yoga too.

Yoga Hybrids encourage more and more people to involve themselves with Yoga by appealing to their generic preferences. From yoga newbies to advanced yoga teachers, everyone wants to experiment and add a personalised touch to their Yoga form. While this has resulted in several hybrid yoga forms as mentioned above, here are the top ones which are known to be beneficial for stress, anxiety, bone strength and for all the usual health issues in general

  • Core Fusion Yoga: Core Fusion Yoga is a blend of exhale’s signature barre and athletic yoga. It works on your arms and abs with Sun salutations and tones your tights by involving isometric leg lifts.
  • Yoga Sculpt: Yoga Sculpt involves weights. It involves rounds of vinyasa flows, strong standings and balancing pose. It helps in building lean muscle through the use of hand weights is seriously genius.
  • CrossFit Yoga: If you want to build muscles easily, then CrossFit Yoga is your thing. Just make sure to do it in a fine manner and have the right motive to reduce the pain or injuries.
  • Aerial Yoga: Aerial Yoga involves balancing and muscular actions and works as an amazing workout. It works best on the joints and spine. Once you become a professional in this yoga hybrid, it will become effortless for you.
  • Hot Vinyasa Yoga: Hot Vinyasa Yoga is a great way to increase your blood flow, flexibility and metabolism. As it is done inside a hot yoga studio, with an approximate 105-degree temperature, don’t forget to bring a towel and water with you.
  • Boot Camp Yoga: Boot Camp Yoga is a combination of traditional yoga and circuit-training techniques. It helps in building lean muscles and improving the heart rate. This involves high-intensity workout, so you are definitely going to lose some weight.
  • Acro Yoga: Acro Yoga involves acrobatics and traditional yoga. This allows your limbs to be free to support and carry in the air. One must have good control over balancing, strength, and core muscle conditioning to try this yoga hybrid but if you do not have it as yet, do not worry for it will build up with practice.

Everyone involve themselves with yoga for different aims, reasons and goals. Even the people who attend the traditional yoga studio classes have the motive to improve their fitness level, get relief from anxiety, involve with new people, or improve flexibility. No matter whatever the reason is, yoga helps in luring towards depth, meaning and connectivity. The yoga hybrid, itself, attracts the newbies to the yoga scene by adding fun and challenge to it. Both teachers, as well as students, can expand their skills and build upon their existing practice.

The importance, however, is to define the right objective or goal while selecting the Yoga hybrid for yourself. Discuss your requirements in detail with your Yoga teacher as s/he can help you to choose better. After all, in this busy world, where we all are more focused towards our career, we all need some respite from the daily stress and anxiety and nothing beats a Yoga class which has fun elements in it!

At Hith Yoga, we believe that everything that you do or practice has to have a happiness element in it. It can be fun or simply peaceful mindfulness. Hence, whatever Yoga types we hold classes for are well suited to that objective. Drop-in for one such class at our yoga studio someday or have a word with our instructors!

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