What can help overweight people eat healthier

What can help overweight people eat healthier

Obesity has become more common in recent years as it was before. People around the globe are trying to fight against this sweet chubby monster. We must accept the fact that nobody
likes to be overweigaht and obese but somehow our lifestyles have affected us so deeply that our bodies’ natural metabolism has screwed. In such a sedentary lifestyle it is important to maintain healthy eating full of nutrition and not just calories.

Many studies are going through out the world regarding a proper blend of exercises and healthy nutritious diet to help our obese friends. It has been found that there are some foods that impart fewer calories than their other counterparts. Also to have a balanced diet it depends on the physical activity one is doing. I would like to mention few parameters based on which researchers suggest a diet plan for overweight and obese fellas.  

The deciding Factors for a proper diet plan

1.   Your Age

2.   Your Gender

3.   Body size

4.   Physical activity in a day

5.   Any ailments

6.   Hormonal imbalances if any.

5 easy ways for beginners to start with:

It is very difficult to follow the rules in toto by anyone. Hence for the beginners we would suggest to keep it light and doable. They can start with a more rational approach of changing the times of eating food and the content that they eat instead of any calorie reduction.

1. With simple dietary changes they can start the warm process and then eventually take on more stringent nutrition plan. Some simple changes can be made in a way which is not too harsh neither it is ineffective.

2.  So if you have been eating white bread switch to brown bread.

3. Instead of taking fruit juices try to consume whole fruits.

4. Diets rich in fruits and vegetables and whole grains are helpful in reducing those extra calories.

5. Instead of taking normal milk you can shift to soymilk for better muscle strength.

The real Monster in any diet Plan regime:

The real issue has always been overlooked. Merely giving a list of items to eat and do not eat has never helped any overweight and obese person. The will to follow, the discipline to make these changes consistent is required at the most.  Everybody has the books, who read them is the point. Unless we are providing ourselves with some sort of control nothing can make us read those books.

The pivot point with any nutrition plan or diet plan is to keep it for a prolonged period consistently. A research has found out that when people were provided with both food and healthy eating guideline then they tend to follow it better than those who were either just given food or only guideline slip. Hence obese people need a proper guidance along with some control that can help them stick to the diet plan.

The society as a whole is also required to take up this responsibility. We should start inculcating healthy eating habits in our schools, workplaces and other places.  We must take care of our growing children to help them take the right calories.

There are some other ways which can be followed to eat a diet that come under “healthy eating” category and helps you eat less as well as warms you up for the calorie reduction process.

Some do’s and Don’ts:

1.   As per common sense, if we skip a meal it is likely to reduce our calories. But the catch is which meal to skip. It has been seen that when we miss the morning breakfast it tends to boomerang and the hunger strikes in the mid day , which leads to eating more than usual. Hence we must take a heavy breakfast.

An Ideal Breakfast would look like this:

You can take one sandwich of whole wheat bread with a glass of milk or some freshly cut fruits. If it seems difficult to follow this everyday, try to subscribe to some food companies that provide daily calorie fixed food baskets.

2.   Another thing , which obese and overweight people can reduce their portion size i.e adopt is to take small portions of food at one time.  Try to chew the food properly, it has a benefit of making all the enzymes active, easy to digest the food and also t gives enough time to brain to think that the stomach has had full eating.

3.  Dont be an emotional eater

 Ensure that you are not eating in emotions. It has been observed that people when depressed they eat a lot and also under happiness and celebrations people eat a lot. One must put a tab on eating under the control of emotions.

4. Do not club work or entertainment with food

In today’s lifestyle we tend to eat while either working or entertaining. This provides a distraction and we happen to eat more than required without even realizing.

5. Eat at home

One of the most important guidelines is to eat at home and try to avoid eating outside food. I know it is very difficult at times in birthday parties and celebrations to avoid eating. But trust me, let it look and sound rude to anyone, at least you at the end of the day will be satisfied.  

6. Eat only when hungry

And when hungry chose the healthiest diet that you possibly can.

7. Have motivating people around you

Surround yourself with people who work as motivating factors.

One tip Which I would like to suggest is to always take long and slow protracted breaths. It will help in the intake of more oxygen, hence better metabolism and lively feeling. While exercising also maintain this breathing style.

Obesity is a stubborn problem, it needs mindfulness . A casual approach is not going to help. You must feel every second of the day that you are on a mission of losing weight and controlling your obesity. Every obese and overweight person can take a pledge to be mindful while eating, while working and while travelling or while doing anything. They must take it up as a goal to get rid of the extra pounds.

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