Vinyasa Yoga-What is the ‘Flow’ All About?

Vinyasa Yoga-What is the ‘Flow’ All About?

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  • What does vinyasa yoga mean?
  • What are the benefits of vinyasa yoga?
  • Want to learn this and the other types of yoga? 

Flowing with It – Vinyasa Yoga

To understand what Vinyasa yoga is, we first need to know the fact that there are a number of different style of yoga. Though all of them flow from the ideas, asanas and techniques of meditation that were developed in ancient India, all of these different types of yoga have their own instructors and movements, goals, sequences, and the core aspects that they focus on. (https://bolivarescapes.com)

Today, what is mostly taught in a yoga studio is Hatha Yoga, which translates to yoga as an exercise. It is usually moderately paced and often relaxing,  involves a focus on the asanas, and focuses on creating a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Hatha yoga focuses on mindfulness and breath awareness, and more than a type of yoga, you can consider it an approach to yoga – one that emphasizes the physical aspects of the discipline. 

In contrast to Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa yoga can be considered a more energetic and seamless approach to yoga, one which emphasizes the smooth transition between the various asanas while focusing on your breath. Sometimes also called power yoga, vinyasa yoga or vinyasa flow is characterized by its free nature – no two classes in vinyasa are likely to be the same. 

It is important to remember that in both Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga, you are likely to engage in the same yoga poses. What differs is the way the classes flow, their pace, the focus on breathing, and of course, the end goal. In Hatha yoga, the classes may be fixed with some changes or moderations, the flow is gentle and can be punctuated with breaks, breath is a focus but not the complete emphasis, and the end goal is to promote a balanced, healthy body and mind. In contrast, Vinyasa yoga involves dynamism in classes, an emphasis on the breath as the way of moving through the sequence, and with the end goal of using breathing as a tool to align the mind and body, and gain a stronger and more flexible body in the process. 

The Benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga has been known to pack a ton of benefits into a yoga session, which includes –

  • The Variety – One of the most interesting parts of Vinyasa yoga is that there is no rulebook on the sequence of exercises that have to be followed, as long as everything is going in the flow. As a result, the classes are characterized by variety, dynamism, and new and interesting ways of approaching different yoga poses. This means that you have to pay active attention and thus remain mindful, each class will have its own fun, and above all, it can help in preventing the injuries that come from the wear-and-tear of repeating the same yoga poses over and over. 
  • The Challenge – Due to its dynamic and free-flowing nature, Vinyasa flow also incorporates a wide variety of yoga poses, perhaps even more than what you may find in other styles. As a result, you are constantly challenged to move out of your comfort zone and attempt asanas that you might not have otherwise tried out. 
  • The Cardio – One of the main reasons why Vinyasa yoga is preferred by fitness enthusiasts is that it packs the benefits of both yoga and cardio into one session. While other types of yoga can also get your heart pumping, vinyasa yoga adds that extra little effort that pushes your heart rate up and keeps it up, thus helping in achieving a great burn.
  • The Focus – As emphasized above, Vinyasa flow has no set sequence. This means that you cannot just learn the routine and then tune out for some daydreaming as your body automatically performs the motions. No, you have to remain alert and present, and in doing so, you learn to focus your attention towards your breath and body, cultivating greater mindfulness as you flow through the yoga poses. 
  • The Stability and Endurance – Vinyasa yoga can be challenging in the initial run, but as you stick to it, you will find your efforts being paid off in the form of increased endurance or ability to sustain physical activity and a better sense of stability and balance. This, in turn, means you will be able to engage in your everyday activities much more.
  • The Spillover – Like all forms of yoga, the benefits of vinyasa are not just confined to the yoga studio. The sense of balance, stability, endurance, and above all, breathing practice and mindfulness, can help you tackle the challenges of your life in a much better manner. The next time some stressful situation comes around, for example, you will know how to connect with your breath to help your body relax and focus your attention on what matters. 

Hence, Vinyasa yoga can be a fun, dynamic, and challenging form of exercise for those who want more than just a burn from their exercise. 

Interested in the Various Types of Yoga?

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