Traditional Yoga Classes in Delhi

Traditional Yoga Classes in Delhi

The practice of yoga emerged in India around three thousand years ago and is one of the six major schools of Hindu philosophy. Yes, yoga is much more than exercise – it is a way to inculcate discipline in the mind and body, connect with the broader world, and to develop spirituality. Thus, yoga is a holistic way to elevate, refine, and strengthen all aspects of your life.

The modern world, however, focuses on yoga as a physical exercise. Indeed, the popular conception is that yoga is all about asanas, or poses that seem to require a great deal of flexibility and strength. Seeing and doing yoga only as a physical exercise, however, can mean that you lose out on many potential benefits that a more holistic approach to yoga can provide you. 

Think about it. When people join yoga classes, they do not do so only for weight loss or fitness – after all, are there not many cardio and strength intensive activities out there? People choose yoga because they do not just want physical fitness. They want health and well-being, they want freedom from stress and frustration, they want the capability to meet the challenges of their lives successfully, and they want to explore and understand themselves and the world around them. Indeed, if you are considering or practicing yoga, there must have been something other than fitness which compelled you to give yoga a try. 

But complete mental and physical well-being is a tall order, and it cannot come from just practicing asanas. That is why in order to truly benefit from yoga, you need to practice yoga in its pure, traditional form. The many forms of yoga that exist today trace their origin to the same set of texts and gurus that originated in the Indian subcontinent. This traditional style of yoga not only has asanas but also breathing practices, fine motor coordination and seamless flow of bodily and spiritual energy, and the use of yoga sessions to not just work the body but to also push the mind towards practiced relaxation and introspection. 

Hence, a traditional yoga class follows a more holistic approach, which means better overall results. As a human being, you may often face abstract feelings of restlessness, frustration, or a sense of ‘being out of tune’, all of which indicate that even when your body is healthy, your mind and spirit are not. Traditional yoga provides a path to meaningfulness, mindfulness, and a true sense of well-being.

The difference between traditional and modern approach to yoga lies in the attitude and objective with which one does yoga. So the results would also start aligning to the objectives, so don’t assume that it is only for the elderly. You can certainly achieve physical fitness with traditional yoga, and you can take it up as a practice if your goals align with any of those mentioned above.

In order to tap effectively into the power of traditional yoga, you need the help of an expert who is well-versed in the discipline, who can introduce you to the practice properly and guide you throughout your journey as you deal with multiple planes of your life. And for this, you will find no better place than Hith Yoga Studio. With its team of dedicated professionals who have honed their knowledge and experience and know how to deliver it to their students, Hith Yoga Studio will ensure that you take the best of traditional yoga every time.

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