The guide to Yoga for beginners

The guide to Yoga for beginners

Yoga is not just a form of exercise, it can become an integral part of your lifestyle. In a way, it is also a way of living and can involve both postures as well as breathing exercises. The ultimate goal of practising Yoga is to feel more in tune with your mind, body, and spirit, and elevate your health in the process. Yoga has many proven benefits, such as improved energy, respiration and vitality, improved circulatory health, and a healthy metabolism. No matter what kind of individual you are, there is a style of yoga out there that will suit you.

The traditional form of yoga that focuses on posture and breath control is a good starting point for anyone. From there, you can choose what asanas of yoga fits you the best. There are eight kinds of yoga, and though each one has the primary focus on breath, movement and posture, all the styles differ slightly.

Ashtanga yoga

It is a popular approach for those with a lot of energy. This type of yoga generally involves deep movement, linking breath to body. Practised without music and sometimes in silence, it consists of a set number of movements and postures designed to help you channel your energy.

Yin yoga 

This form of Yoga is ideal for those looking for relaxation and peace and is a Taoist form of yoga. This form involves allowing the body to be comfortable in a pose, by lengthening connective tissues and using gravity to relax muscles. This form of yoga usually involves props as well, and can help you relax after a long, tiring day. There are six other forms of yoga as well, each one having a certain aspect and appeal.

A Few Points to Remember about Yoga for Beginners

The important thing is to always practise with awareness of breath and posture. This isn’t aerobic exercise, and you should not be in a rush if you want a good outcome. 

Always be in the moment and connect with your body, and remember to not push yourself too much.

It is also important to keep an open mind. Even if you find a style of yoga that works for you, always make sure to explore other asanas as well. 

People are ever-changing, and you may have different needs in different stages of your life. Growth is an important part of life too, and you may want to increase your involvement with yoga as you become more comfortable with the practice.

Consistency and discipline are also very important, even as a beginner. Making sure to commit to your yoga practice can be hard. 

You could try and join a yoga studio, which will help maintain your consistency. You can soon find yourself enjoying and looking forward to your yoga practice. 

Remember to always keep a positive attitude, and know that yoga is a holistic practice. It will benefit you to branch out and expand your horizons, and yoga will enable you to do just that.

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