The Benefits of Yoga Vs Gym- Which One Is Better?

The Benefits of Yoga Vs Gym- Which One Is Better?

The Benefits of Yoga Vs Gym – Which One Is Better?

What’s Inside?

  • Yoga vs gym – Which one to choose?
  • The benefits of gym
  • What makes yoga a clear winner
  • Want to try it out yourself? Hith Yoga has you covered!

Yoga vs Gym – Which One To Go For?

If you are new to fitness or trying to level up the way you exercise, one of the key questions that you will face is about what kind of physical exercise you should take up. Of course, you will have to take into consideration your fitness level and fitness goals, how much time you can dedicate, what are the benefits you are looking for, and what are the markers that you would consider as an indicator of improving health.

Even after you narrow down your choices with these filters, you may be left with quite a few choices, including one of the most intensely debated ones in the fitness circles – yoga vs gym. So, which one should you go for in order to get healthy? Should you be hitting the treadmills and irons, or joining a yoga studio for some yoga training? Here is a breakdown to help you out.

Pumping It Out – The Benefits of Gymming

In order to decide what is best suited for you, you need to know the benefits that gymming and yoga training can provide to you. Here is what gymming can provide to you – 

  • Joining a gym ensures that you make time and monetary commitment to your fitness – when you pay up money and the instructors or administrators expect you to drop by, you are much more likely to go and work out. This helps in ensuring that you remain regular with your workout.
  • A gym also helps by providing you with a variety of equipment, ranging from cardio to strength training, thus ensuring that you are able to work out your entire body.
  • To be truly healthy and strong, form and technique is just as important as the intensity and repetitions of exercises you do. A gym membership helps in ensuring that you always have help on hand, whether it be an instructor or a more experienced gym buddy. 
  • And of course, a gym workout can help you lose weight, increase muscles and tone your body, improve cardiovascular functioning and keep you healthy overall.

However, ask yourself – is this all exercising can do for you?

Why Yoga Is A Winner

In the saga of gym vs. yoga, the benefits of yoga may have an edge. Why, because firstly, yoga training is a form of exercise, which means that you get all the benefits that you would from the gym, including weight loss and strength. 

But beyond that, what makes yoga a clear winner is the way it can provide much more than just these physical benefits – 

  • Firstly, yoga works on benefits such as flexibility, posture and balance improvement, all of which are important markers of physical health, and play a very important role in our ability to live our everyday life without fatigue or injury.
  • Secondly, while regular exercise such that that received from gymming etc. can help in the control of chronic conditions such as heart problems and blood pressure, yoga poses have been found to be beneficial for a vast number of problems, ranging from asthma and PCOS to arthritis and back pain. Thus, yoga training may be particularly beneficial for those who want to use it as a method of keeping symptoms in control.
  • Third, gymming may not be possible for everybody, especially those who are recovering from injuries or have other health concerns that prevent them from undertaking strenuous exercise.Yoga training on the other hand, is gentle enough to be undertaken by anybody, while still providing the stretch and stimulation to keep the body moving and facilitate the process of healing. Thus, it can be a great form of therapeutic exercise.
  • Yoga is also known to help with ‘peripheral’ markers of physical fitness such as improved sleep quality and increased pain tolerance, balanced hormonal secretion, and better blood circulation and metabolism. Thus, the benefits of yoga are quite holistic.
  • One of the most important benefits of yoga is that it is not just physical, but also mental. Yoga training can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote calmness and mindfulness,  and improve concentration and memory amongst other cognitive markers. Indeed, the benefits of yoga can also prevent negative experiences like stress from occuring in the first place.

Hence, yoga has an edge in the fight of yoga vs gym because it is more holistic, focuses on both the mind and body, and provides more far-reaching mental and physical benefits that just simple gymming would provide. This makes yoga an ideal way to workout.

Interested? Join Us at Hith Yoga!

If the benefits of yoga have you interested, why not give it a try yourself, with the best? Hith Yoga Studio can help you begin or advance your journey down the path of wellness. Armed with the best facilities, highly qualified and experienced teachers, personal and corporate training sessions and regular yoga retreats, Hith Yoga helps bring the best of yoga to your life, helping you align the discipline to your goals so that you get the best out of it. So join us at Hith Yoga today, and dive into the amazing experience of yoga!

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