The 30 second Quick Yoga for reduced anxiety attack

The 30 second Quick Yoga for reduced anxiety attack

Yoga is something that can be a very beneficial aspect of your life, whether you’re a 70 year old retired businessman or a young engineer on the hunt for a job and spending every second of your life busy in work and play. Yoga is a holistic practice that focuses not only on physical wellness, but on mental and spiritual well being as well.

If you think you can do some yoga practice in seconds to work on your anxiety, then it is right in a way but for doing that you might have to develop a habit and practice yoga as a principle. Consider these two things:

  1. Include yoga as a principles and techniques in your life. For example, simple deep breathing as a techniques, non-attachment towards the fruit of action (karma yoga) as yogic principle; these things can redefine the way you think and change the neural paths.
  2. Generally there are precursors to anxiety attacks, so when you feel that your mind is taking you to those territories, start with simple relaxed breathing techniques.

This is the reason why if you’re suffering from some mental illness, or just general stress and anxiety, yoga may be a great boon to you. Among other things, a big part of practicing yoga is focusing on breathing, which is very helpful for centering yourself and dealing with an anxiety attack. In this article we would be discussing things majorly from Yoga (physical yogic practices – Hatha Yoga) only

There are some breathing exercises and poses that are particularly effective in helping an individual cope with anxiety disorders. If you’re just starting out, or if you need something to calm you down immediately, the best yoga options for you are ones that are easy to do, quick, and effective. Keeping this in mind, here are a few asanas and breathing exercises you can try to help you deal with anxiety:

All the practices that you do should be accompanied with the right breathing technique.

In fact, you can’t separate breathing from Yoga; it is an integral part of the practice. When a person is anxious, the speed of your thoughts (a form of prana) is very high and hence your breathing (again a form of prana) gets impacted. Thus one should first focus on slowing down breathing and start by doing simple deep breathings. Slowly you could move towards intense breathing practices like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika and then follow it up with Anulom Vilom.

Sometimes with anxiety, you feel jumpy and paranoid all the time, you may want to try training yourself and your breathing while doing yoga asanas, that can help channel that energy in a more positive way. There are many poses that can help you work on the anxiety; idea is to use postures to let the energy be directed in the right direction and then reduce the thought process with the help of right breathing. We have seen in many cases that postures that bring blood flow to the head region or postures that opens your chest/heart region, releases blocked energy in the spinal network will give faster relief. Here are a few of those postures:

  1. Dhanurasana, or the bow pose, can help relax the muscles in your back and hence help you relax your mind, and helps release tension and negative energy from the body.
  2. Virabhadrasana II, or the Warrior II pose can also help release all of the tension and negative energy from your body. 
  3. You can also try Sun Salutations, which are not only good for a thorough, full body warmup and stretch, but also relieve a good amount of stress. Focus on the exhalations to feel the calm and peace within yourself, and always remember to be kind and patient with yourself.
  4. Marjariasana, Sirshana, Parvatasana (or Adhomukha Svanana), Shavasana

If your anxiety is often accompanied by depression, it will help you to try asanas and breathing techniques that will redirect your thoughts, bring more energy into your body, and generally help awareness and lift your mood. Asanas such as Baddha Konasana will improve your body’s balance, hence bringing balance into your mind, and also promote relaxation. Channel Cleaning Breath is also a great breathing technique that will soothe and calm your mind. 

If you’re someone who’s looking to use yoga to cope with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression, consider joining Hith Yoga. We understand the problems caused by the modern lifestyle, and offer yoga for relaxation, meditation routines for inner calm, and much more. It is one of the best yoga studios in Delhi, and the top choice of many yogis who live here.

One of the key benefits of yoga is that it reduces the level of cortisol and adrenaline in your body, both of which are released during times of stress. In this way, yoga will help calm and relax your mind, and help you manage your anxiety. It’s important to note that yoga aids you in your recovery from anxiety attacks, and if you are suffering, it’s important to see a licenced mental health practitioner and use other methods as well to deal with your issues.

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