Spinal Health – Why should you start working or worrying about it?

Spinal Health – Why should you start working or worrying about it?

It is very likely that the last time you thought about your spine or back was when it was hurting. The modern lifestyle is not at all conducive to physical health, and our backs often suffer the worst of it. 

Firstly, while technology has made our lives much more convenient, they have also made it much more sedentary. Today, all we require can be accessed from the touch of our smartphones, be it food delivery to your house, or you being delivered to a location that is just a ten-minute walk. This non-mobility, coupled with other lifestyle issues such as pollution and fast food, can create health issues such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and weak bones and muscles, all of which directly and indirectly impact the spinal health. Even our daily routines seem specifically designed to create back problems, be it carrying heavy bags to and from work or sitting on seats for hours at end.  At the same time, the use of screens, such as laptops and mobile phones causes us to strain some other sets of muscles too much, especially those of the shoulder and neck.

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about your back and spinal health. What initially starts as a problem can quickly turn into chronic pain, which in turn can devolve into a full-blown health problems, such as spondylosis. Falling prey to back problems means that you can quickly lose your mobility and productivity, and stress and frustration can quickly pile up. The spinal column is also your executive command center – all the nerves of our body, which control every moment and action, originate from the spinal cord. If the spine begins to face issues, it can quickly spread to the whole body.

A healthy spine supports our organs, provides stability, and ensures neurological cohesion. Even simple is to think about what spinal problems cause- just not having the various issues that come with back problems is reason enough to focus on your back health.

Given the severity of problems and the stakes that come with back health, it is best to ensure that you have the knowledge and techniques that are verified, given by experts who communicate this information effectively. It is with this objective that Hith Yoga Studio organizes Workshops on Healthy Spine, Chair Yoga or Desktop Yoga. Covering back stretches, ergonomics, and common myths and misconceptions, the workshop is aimed at creating awareness, disseminating information, and equipping attendees with techniques that they can integrate into their daily life to not only protect their spinal health but to also enhance and improve it for their overall well-being.

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