Starting posture: 

  1. Sit in vajrasana (sitting on the knees- hips on heels)
  2. Now take left knee one big step towards left and right knee a big step towards the right. 
  3. The toes will be touching each other and heels apart, hips on the heels.
  4. Both the hands to be kept on the mat between the knees
  5. The position of the hand will be facing inwards (fingers towards the body palms facing outwards).

Entering the posture:

  1. Stretch the arms straight.
  2. Push the lower back towards mat- arch the spine
  3. Bend the head backwards- chin up
  4. Attention towards the mid of the eyebrow (agya chakra)
  5. Look towards the ceiling- pupils upwards
  6. Shoulders relaxed.
  7. Relax body and mind. 
  8. Hold on to the posture

Coming out of the posture

  1. Straighten the head and spine
  2. Relax the arms, bring knees together
  3. Release the hands 
  4. You can sit in vajrasana and relax for some time or release the posture and come to sukhasana (cross legged posture) and relax.
  5. You can leave the posture whenever you feel comfortable and relaxed.


  1. Once you enter into the posture, inhale while tilting the head back and stretching the back. 
  2. Take long breaths in and out while in the posture. 
  3. Exhale while coming out of the posture. 

Awareness: On spine, shoulders and legs while stretching


  1. Body enters in total physical stability. 
  2. Helps body to enter into the meditative state


People with knee injury, surgery or Joint issues should avoid this asana

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