Setu Bandh Asana- Bridge Pose

Setu Bandh Asana- Bridge Pose

The Setu Bandha Sarvangasana is one of the basic backbend poses which prepares the body to perform other advanced yoga poses or asnas. It an intermediate level pose, under the lying down category of yoga asanas.

How To Perform Setu Bandh Asana

  1. Lie down in supine position. Body relaxed.
  2. Bend your knees, bring the heels near the hips. Feet hip distance apart.
  3. Slowly raise the hips and spine up over the ground. Keeping the shoulders, neck and head on the mat.
  4. Position of the hands:
    • Hands can be placed on the mat, palms facing down, arms relaxed.
    • Place your palms on the back stretching the spine in complete arch. Elbows are on the mat closer to the body.
  5. Position of the Feet:
    • The feet can be either placed on the ground completely or
    • Heels raised up, toes down raising the spine completely over the mat.
  6. Assure that neck is relaxed and chin is closer or touching the chest.

Coming out of the posture:

  1. Release the hands and feet.
  2. Slowly and gently bring your spine down.
  3. Stretch your legs and relax your body.


  1. Inhale long and deep while raising the spine up.
  2. Inhale and exhale while holding on to the posture.
  3. Exhale while bringing spine down.
  4. Normal breathing after relaxing the body.


  1. Wrists, arms, spine and abdominal region.
  2. Breathing – to the chest while retaining the posture.


People with severe spondylosis should not try this asana.

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