Quick Weight Loss Techniques to Help You Out

Quick Weight Loss Techniques to Help You Out

While detox teas and crash dieting will never work, there are some tried and tested, scientifically backed and safe methods that you can use to boost your weightloss journey and reach your health goals in a shorter time. Here are some tips to keep in mind –

  1. Downsize the Cutlery – How much you eat depends a lot on how much you put on the plate in the first place. Nobody likes to waste food, but we often take more than what we can, or want to, eat. That is why many experts recommend switching to smaller bowls and plates. This will help reduce your portion sizes, and you will be surprised by the fact you would likely be completely full with this smaller amount too.
  2. Cut the Convenience – There is nothing wrong with treating yourself with something indulgent every now and then, but these cheat meals and quickly turn to cheat days and derail your entire weight loss plan. The best way to prevent this is to stop keeping such treats in the house, and stop ordering them in, too. So the next time you want something indulgent, you will have to get out of the house to get it, which will likely reduce your cravings. 
  3. Eat Mindfully – Taking care and having awareness of what you put in your mouth can go a long way to reduce excess calorie consumption. Showing slowly helps in making you feel fuller quicker, and is also linked to the production of hormones linked to weight loss. Eating mindfully also helps you from eating mindlessly simply because you are bored, or want something to do while you watch your tv show. Separate eating from everything else, and you will see the changes yourself. 
  4. Ditch the Sugar Drinks – Sodas are perhaps the worst way to intake calories, as it is all in the form of highly concentrated sugar that does not satiate you at all. And even your go-to ‘healthy’ option of processed fruit juices may contain a calorie count that may be much higher than what you believe. Instead, go for whole foods, lemonade with honey, or self-made juices so help keep you refreshed.
  5. But Do Drink Water – Drinking water is essential for daily functioning, but it can also be your secret weapon against weight loss. Water can help in boosting metabolism by up to 30%, and drinking about half an hour before your meals can help you feel more fuller after eating and reduce calorie consumption. This drinking pattern can also help you in losing up to 40% more weight. 
  6. Track Your Eating – One of the best ways to eat less and more mindfully is to keep tabs on what goes into your body throughout the day. There are numerous tracking apps that help you estimate your calorie intake of the day, and also break down the nutritional values of the meals you eat. Consistent tracking of physical activity can also help in weight loss – even simply using the pedometer app already installed on your phone can make a big difference.
  7. Invest in Sleep – If you want quick weight loss that is truly sustainable, the biggest investment of time and effort after your diet has to come in your sleep. Studies have repeatedly shown that sleeping for less than 5-6 hours daily puts you at an increased risk of obesity, as lack of sleep slows down the metabolism and increases production of the hormones cortisol and insulin, both of which promote fat storage. 
  8. Keep Regular Tabs on Progress – Simply deciding that you need to lose weight is not enough. You need to know your current level, set a realistic goal, and then follow through. Keeping regular track of your progress, such as weekly weigh-ins or measuring your waist, can help you know that you are or track, or provide you with motivation to work harder when you see the results are not up to your mark.

In the end, remember that weight loss is not just about becoming leaner, but also about becoming stronger and healthier. Focus not just on calorie-counting and the inches, but also on muscle strength, flexibility, and your mental health too. As you progress through with these pointers in mind, you will improve your overall wellbeing, and see great results in front of the mirror too.

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