Why is Prenatal Yoga Important

Why is Prenatal Yoga Important

As an expecting mother, you want to do everything to ensure that you remain at the peak of your health, so that your child gets the best start in life. This may include eating cleaner, avoiding pollutants, and brushing up on your parenting knowledge. A very important component of this process is exercise – which can help in reducing symptoms of pregnancy such as back aches and swelling, improve mood and energy, and help prepare your body for the process of labour. 

As a lot of studies over the years have shown, physical fitness is incredibly important for both the mother and her child and can have a long term impact on the wellness of both. The prenatal environment, that is, the activities and situations that the child is exposed to in the womb, are considered today to be just as important as formative situations after birth. This is the reason why prenatal yoga comes highly recommended today – as the name suggests, this is a form of yoga designed to be undertaken by pregnant women. Here is why it can help you out

  • Relaxation – One of the most beneficial gifts of prenatal yoga is a deep relaxation that it can provide. Pregnancy can be physically challenging, and prenatal yoga gives you the opportunity to stretch and unwind in a completely safe manner. At the same time, you also get relief from all your worries and tensions and learn to let go mentally too.
  • Breathing – Remember all those movie scenes asking the expecting mother to just breathe through labour? Turns out that good breathing can be a vital and very helpful tool during labour. In yoga, you can learn just that. Not only will good breathing practice help you out at the very end, it will also help you relax and remain stimulated throughout your pregnancy too.
  • Relief from Physical Aches – Pregnancy also brings along a number of physical symptoms such as lower back pain, nausea, headaches, and carpal tunnel syndrome. However, there is no reason why an expecting mother should go through all this pain and trouble – and prenatal yoga helps in doing just that. (Clonazepam) Regular practice can ensure that these physical ailments remain under control.
  • Letting Go – Pregnancy will inevitably be a huge change in your life, one which can give you a sense of wonder, or even fear and helplessness. With yoga comes the mental and physical ability to let go – not of your control, but of your negativity and fear. Hence, it can become an important mental and spiritual tool for you in this dynamic and sometimes turbulent experience.
  • Social Connection – Joining a prenatal class is also an excellent way to connect with other expecting mothers. Together, you can build a supportive community where you can share your troubles, worries, and achievements, and get advice and feedback from somebody who truly understands your condition. This social support can go a long way in making your pregnancy a happy and comfortable one. 

Thus, prenatal yoga can pack a ton of benefits for the mother, which by extension means that the child also benefits from an enriching, happy, and stimulative environment. 

Before joining a prenatal class, however, do have a talk with your doctor to ensure that no complications or issues arise from you taking up the practice. It can also be beneficial to talk to your yoga teacher in advance and communicate with them any fears, conditions or other questions you have. And in the end, remember that you are undertaking this for the benefit of both you and your child. So do not forget to relax and enjoy the experience!

If you wish to exercise the utmost caution for your health and that of your child, you will find yourself in completely safe hands at Hith Yoga Studio. With professional, learned teachers who have tremendous experience of prenatal yoga, Hith Yoga provides tailored classes for every trimester of pregnancy. We ensure that our environment is safe, conducive and comfortable, and take the utmost care to tailor our lessons to individual needs and goals. So make the most of this exciting and amazing time of your life, and plan for your life and health ahead with us at Hith Yoga. 

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