Muskmelon is a fruit that is full of taste, has cooling properties and nutrition and contains 95 percent water and has vitamin and minerals. This fruit not only fulfills the water scarcity in your body but also keeps you fresh. Known as a good source of vitamins, muskmelon also contains anti-oxidant properties. These antioxidant properties help keep the heart and mind healthy.

Benefits of muskmelon

I. Peel the muskmelon and boil the peels and strain it. Then add sugar to it. Drinking this twice daily is beneficial for your kidneys.

II. Those who eat muskmelon regularly, have lesser chances of heart problems and cancer when compared to other people.

III. Muskmelon is very beneficial for constipation. Cut the muskmelon into small pieces and mix pure rock salt and black pepper with it. Eating this would cure your constipation.

IV. Eating muskmelon daily helps reduce weight.

V. Not only muskmelon provides a cooling sensation to the body, but also it cures the burning sensation in the heart.

VI. To cure the problem of stones in the urinary bladder, gnash the roots of muskmelon with water then mix it with water. Strain the mixture. Drinking this will crush the stones and hence, it is easily passed out of the body.

VII. To keep the kidneys healthy, you should eat muskmelon regularly

VIII. The potassium present in muskmelon relieves stress and provides energy to the body

IX. The antioxidant properties of muskmelon help in keeping the skin young and healthy

The following things should be kept in mind before consuming muskmelon

I. You should never drink water just after eating muskmelon. Drinking water poses the possibility of vomiting and cholera.

II. You should never eat muskmelon on an empty stomach. Doing so gives rise to bile disorders.

III. Hot natured people on the consumption of muskmelon can experience eye disorders. Also, it may give rise to inflammation.

IV. In the case of cholera, muskmelon should not be consumed.

V. People who experience excessive cough and cold should consume lesser amounts of muskmelon.

Muskmelon causes harm to people suffering from asthma, inflammation in body and arthritis.

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