Is your body stiff? Know why should you work on improving flexibility

Is your body stiff? Know why should you work on improving flexibility

Flexibility is an often ignored component of health – when we think about what exercises we wish to undertake, our focus remains solely on the calories burnt and the level of strength challenge it presents to us. But flexibility is a very important part of our health, and not just for the gymnasts or dancers. Here is why you should be concerned with your flexibility –

  • It Protects Your Body – When your body is flexible, you can engage in challenging workouts without risking injuries or feeling sore the next day. Being flexible ensures that your body benefits, and is not harmed by, your physical activity.
  • It Improves Your Body- Increasing flexibility means your body gets better physically – better muscle coordination, posture, and mobility all come from flexibility. Thus, flexibility means that you are able to engage in daily activities such as walking, sitting, etc. without wear and tear in your body.
  • It’s Relaxing – Cardio and strength training require straining and concentration, but stretching can really help you unwind and promote relaxation and calmness. Stretching is also an ideal way to cool down after a hard workout and prevents muscle soreness.

Children are often able to engage in a great feat of flexibility, but unfortunately, our muscles tend to become stiffer as we grow older. This can bring its own set of problems such as poor posture, soreness, feeling of tension and the risk of injury while exercising. Thus, focusing on flexibility provides a  dual set of benefits – first, it prevents your body from falling into a weakened state, and secondly, it helps in improving the condition of your body. Thus, good flexibility can keep your body free from a number of issues.

So if you wish to work on this important component of your health, there is one practice you should certainly take up – yoga. Designed to lengthen and strengthen the body, yoga ensures that all your muscles receive good stretch and circulation of blood. Its wide variety of asanas enable even the most inflexible of individuals to start on the path of wellness, with plenty of more challenging options to undertake later. And do not be mistaken – even deceptively simply looking asanas tend to have a great calorie-burning component, and you will surely find yourself working up a sweat as you challenge both your mind and body. 

Flexibility, however, is not just about stretching and circulation – it is about doing these things properly. Pushing your body incorrectly, or pushing it beyond its limits, can cause significant damage. Thus, it is best to engage in such an activity under the guidance of experts who are experienced and knowledgeable, and who will be able to assess your individual level and concerns and design sessions for you accordingly. If you wish to work under such professionalism and guidance, contact Hith Yoga Studio. With its dedicated team, comfortable ambience, and individual focus, Hith Studio will ensure that your body becomes more flexible and strong without any injuries or discomfort. Hence, you can leave the heavy work to your teachers, and focus on your health and improve your overall well being. So contact us, and experience a calmer, stronger, and better you.

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