Improve your digestion by doing these 5 things

Improve your digestion by doing these 5 things

It is said that Bad digestion is the biggest reason for most of the health problems. Even if you have good control over your diet, the poor metabolism can cause a lot of disorders. And that’s why it becomes very important to find efficient ways to improve your metabolism and eat healthily. So one of the trust-worthy and easy way to so is Yoga. It will make your Agni strong and improve your digestive system. So here are 5 yoga-related things that will improve your digestion:

Chanting Aum 21 times before a meal

Chanting Aum regulates your blood flow and improves your metabolism. It controls blood pressure and improves your breathing and respiration, which is somehow related to happy eating. When you will eat in a relaxing way, it will remove irregularities from your body. So, make sure to Chant Aum 21 times before consuming a meal.

Give Positive energy to your food

It is said that eating releases stress out of the body and cheers you up. But many times, you may not be able to feel good about the food, which is not a good habit. Giving negative energy to your food will harm your digestive system a lot. So you should make sure to emit positive energy towards your food and make your digestion process easy. Feeling happy and calm will always help.

Sit in Vajrasana for 10 minutes after a meal

Performing Vajrasana for 10 minutes after your meal will lead to easy digestion. You simply have to fold your legs and sit on your heels while touching your knees on the floor. Put your right palm on the right knee and left palm on the left knee. Inhale and exhale slowly while keeping your eyes close. Once you will perform this asana daily, you will get relief from stomach disorders.

Practice gentle abdominal breathing

Abdominal Breathing is said to be natural breathing that we generally do while sleeping. It relaxes the belly while performing slow and deep breathing. Your stomach will expand as the diaphragm will move downward and allow the air to enter your lungs. This kind of breathing feels like a balloon, which expands with each breath and contracts back when each breath comes out.

Improve your eating habits

Changing your eating habits will improve your digestion. If someone complaints that some techniques don’t work on them, then the major reason is that they are not eating right. So, make sure not to skip your breakfast and define the time for consuming other meals. Decrease caffeine and fat intake. Focus on fresh food, i.e. fruits and vegetables. And from eating healthy and fresh, we don’t mean that you have to torture your tongue. It just means that you can eat them occasionally. So keep this major point in mind.

Practising yoga and having control over your diet, brings a lot of benefits to your digestive system. So create a balance in your life and live a healthy life.

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