Importance of Diet In Yoga

Importance of Diet In Yoga

Pay attention to your eating habits

Nowadays, everyone is so busy with their lives that there is no time for personal care. People are busy improving their future that they are forgetting to think about their present. Yoga is the solution for narrowing one’s personal and spiritual gap that is being widened because of today’s fast moving environment. It is said in yoga, that the centre of the body is the Nabhi (Stomach) and everything is connected to it. The core is responsible for majority of the illnesses in the body. Hence, when starting to practice meditation one could start by concentrating on the stomach as it is where the Nabhi chakra is located. The qualities of the Nabhi chakra include generosity, nurturing, contentment, peace and balance. It is the centre for growth and general wellness. It is said that “You are what you eat” and thus it is very important to consider the things that goes inside your body. Healthy body leads to a healthy mind and taking proper diet is an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy leads to stress control, flat stomach, happier mood, better appearance and much more benefits. Yoga is not just about doing asanas and meditation, Diet is also a very crucial part of it.

Yoga classifies food into three types – Satvic, Rajasic and Tamasic

Satvic– Freshly cooked food and raw fruits and vegetables comes under this category. It purifies the mind and calms the body.

Rajasic– Overly tasty food is Rajasic. It stimulates the body and mind into action. Food containing garlic and onion, oily and fatty food ,coffee, tea and spicy are examples of Rajasic food.

Tamasic– Tamasic food dulls the mind and brings confusion and negativity. It includes Non-vegetarian, Stale and fermented food, Liquor, Processed food,Over ripe fruits and vegetables.

Eating a particular type of diet generates similar kind of behavior. It is also important to consider the thoughts that are in your mind while you are eating. Eating while you are stressed will confuse the body on where to direct the heat and energy to. The taste of the food and the urge to eat will also depend on your mood. It is advisable to do nothing else while eating as the mind needs to be attentive of what and how much of it you are eating for proper and easy digestion.
Proper diet and eating habits will reduce negative thoughts, make your mind calmer and improve your body’s vitality to live better quality life ahead,

Stay Fit Stay Hith.

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