How Yoga Can Boost Your Overall Well Being

How Yoga Can Boost Your Overall Well Being

Think yoga can help you become just a little more flexible and a little more relaxed? Think again. The benefits of yoga are much broad-ranging than we can imagine, but we need a little more effort to get these to us. The first step is, of course, awareness – how can you tap into the benefits of yoga if you don’t know about them? So think out of the yoga studio, and learn more about what yoga can do for you – 

  • A Spark to Change Your Lifestyle – Like any other form of exercise, practising yoga only at the yoga studio will certainly bring you benefits, but only limited ones. However, when you apply the techniques and tools that you learn at the yoga studio, such as mindfulness, meditation, and breathing practices, into other aspects of your life, you will surely see the results in a healthier and more active lifestyle. Just try mindful eating, and you will find it out for yourself.
  • Natural Control of Conditions – Some chronic conditions, such as PCOS, blood sugar and blood pressure etc., can crop up despite our best efforts due to a host of factors, including genetics and situational circumstances. While medical support is important here, yoga can provide an excellent complementary practice that not only keeps these problems and their symptoms in check but also help in minimizing the possible side effects of medications, such as weight loss and fatigue.
  • Get More In Life – The benefits of yoga can seep into your everyday life too. Regular practice of yoga can help in increasing your strength and flexibility while also honing your concentration and mindfulness. Not only this means that you can take up the more challenging poses in the yoga studio, it also means that you can bend, pick up things, run around, and not feel fatigued when you engage in your daily life. This means that you get to do more and get more from what you do.
  • Aging Well – As we advance through our birthdays, the wear and tear of life start to show in aches, stiffness, health conditions, and reduced cognitive capacity. Yoga is one of the few exercises that are gentle enough to be taken up at an advanced age and provides several benefits that can improve the quality of life of the elderly, including providing them with social support at the yoga studio or alleviating symptoms of health conditions. 
  • Catching the Zzz – Sleep is one of the most vital of biological functions – just going one day without proper sleep can put us in a horrible mood, to say nothing of the physical symptoms. Chronic sleep deprivation has been linked to several problems, including early mortality! The benefits of yoga, however, can cushion your sleep, improving both the time you spend sleeping and the quality of your sleep too. This means you wake up fresh and energized every day,
  • Self-Confidence and Acceptance – We, unfortunately, live in a world where we are constantly exposed to unrealistic body standards and are often shamed for not being fit or slim. This can often put a negative spin on exercise – instead of doing it for fitness and strength, most people exercise to lose weight. With yoga, however, you learn to accept and cherish your body, and focus not on weight but on strength, control, balance, and flexibility, which helps you focus on the capabilities of your body, and helps in boosting confidence.
  • Constant Immunity Shots – Some tentative but exciting studies have suggested that the regular practice of yoga, and in particular, meditation, can help in boosting your immune system, boosting and controlling it as and when needed. While this does not mean that you will not need any other protective methods, yoga is a great complementary boost to your immune system, and one that can certainly keep the seasonal colds at bay.
  • Combat Pain – Pain, strain, tension and discomfort are perhaps some of the most common, little ways in which we lose our daily sense of physical and mental peace. Yoga helps in alleviating pains of all kinds, whether they be stiffness from desk jobs, the pain of diseases such as arthritis, or the inflammation of a digestive issue. With lesser pain comes more happiness and energy, and a better outlook on life and its challenges.
  • Teaches You How To Learn – The benefits of yoga are social too. Once our studies are complete, we seldom take the time to learn new things. In yoga, you are largely dependent upon a teacher to help guide you through the discipline properly, and thus you learn how to keep learning and improving. This guidance and learning practice can help spark your interest in learning other things too.
  • Cultivate Inner Strength – If you can stay in shavasana despite your restlessness, or undertake the most challenging inversions gracefully, what is stopping you from excelling outside the yoga studio too? Yoga helps you tap into your potentials and capabilities, and reminds you that your body and mind are capable of incredible things. Taking this strength beyond the yoga studio can help you take up new and exciting challenges and approach them with confidence.

Want to Tap Into These Benefits of Yoga?

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