Here is Why Digital Detox is Important For You

Here is Why Digital Detox is Important For You

Have you ever switched your phone to silent mode to escape the pestering voice of constant notifications? Or do you live in the fear of accidentally muting your phone and then missing out on important happenings? Either way, you may be one of the many victims of digital toxins. While smartphones and other devices help us in keeping connected with each other and the world, they can also build up expectations and presumptions about always being available, and handling things as they come. This can, however, create intense stress, anxiety, and frustrations for individuals. Here are some reasons why taking a step away from technology is important – 

Mental Health

Constantly being online can disrupt your mental health – studies have shown that social media can increase depression, social comparison and sense of loneliness, while working individuals may find themselves working 24/7 due to emails. Dedicating a few days a month to staying offline can help you avoid unnecessary hits on your mental health, and improve work-life balance.

Physical Health

If your shoulders are always stiff and your neck is hurting, there are high chances a device may be at least partially to blame. Digital detox allows you to rest your fatigued muscles, and you can also channel the free time into activities such as yoga, hiking, etc., which will help you invest in your long-term physical well-being.

Kickstart Creativity

Consuming content and working online is all fair and fine, but the human mind also has innate desires to create. Take some time off your online life and focus on developing some hobbies. You don’t have to be an expert, and you can even juggle a few things at once. As a bonus, you will also know what to do the next time your internet shuts down.

Reconnected in Person

Online methods are great to keep in touch with loved ones far away, but few things can beat a good face to face chat in person. Plans can be hard to make, but if you aren’t caught up in your online responsibilities, you might find yourself more accommodating. So take time out of sending emojis to talking about your life with people, and you will feel much more supported and loved.

Get Control

As much as the digital world is an inevitable part of our life now, it is also a major source of distraction. Detoxing can help you focus on important goals and projects, and complete them with the focus and concentration required for success. It can also help you rearrange daily aspects such as your eating, sleeping, and working habits. 

The digital world is such an intricate part of our lives today that stepping away from it almost seems impossible. But you do not have to give it all up in one go. Try going without devices for a few hours on weekends, or at least restrict your usage of certain apps if you need the internet. As time goes by, you might even find yourself looking forward to disconnecting. 
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