Funny Yoga Poses to Brighten Your Workout

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Funny poses to brighten your day

Some cautions to keep in mind

Want to learn these funny poses and more?

Breathe In and Smile 

Sometimes, all we need is a little fun and frolic in our lives. After all, being an adult is a serious business, and it can bring along a  tremendous amount of stress, mental and physical stagnation, responsibilities, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. At such times, it is normal to wish that we could be children again, free of responsibilities and cares. Though it may not be possible for us to go back to those good times, it can be possible for us to bring those light and happy feelings back into our lives again.

And what better way to do this than with yoga? The benefits of yoga are such that they improve both your mind and body and have you relaxed and de-stressed in no time. So whether you want to include these asanas in your sequence at the yoga studio, or you want to simply add them to your yoga at home routine, here are a few yoga poses that you can add into your routine.

One major benefit of these yoga poses is that they are funny too! Have someone take a picture of you while doing these yoga poses and you will know what we meant 🙂

So, without taking any more time, here we go!

  • Pawanmuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose) – The name itself is enough to get a chuckle out for most people, and the fact that the asana itself is the human equivalent of a turtle having rolled over on its back makes the asana even funnier. Despite its name and general ball-like appearance, this asana is indeed great for digestive and gastric issues and can help stretch the neck and the back.
  • Ananda Balsana (Happy Baby Pose) – Join your baby, cousin, or any other child in our vicinity on the floor, and enjoy this asana which helps you get in touch with the child inside you as you practice yoga at home or at the studio. It also helps in stretching the legs and the shoulders, and is a great way to relax too – just ask the babies. 
  • Karnapidasana (Knee to Ear Pose) – You read it right – your knees go up to your ears in this one. While not the easiest of yoga poses and certainly not meant for beginners, this asana is a challenge and achievement for the advanced students, and according to those who can do it, quite peaceful too. This is perhaps one of the most intense stretches you can give to your body and helps in developing breath awareness, too.
  • Garbha Pindasana (Embryo Pose) – It is unknown how the ancient yogis decided that this is what a child would look inside the womb, but it does make for a very funny experience, especially when you do it at the yoga studio in the company of others. This pose stretches out the legs, challenges your balance, and enhances core strength. If you are doing yoga at home, sukhasana or easy pose may be a better option than the lotus pose for this asana. 
  • Utkata Konasana (Goddess Pose) – While this asana has a fierce name, it is the visual equivalent of a person who is determined to not let anybody pass through the door behind them. However, it is a great way to open up your hips and prepare them for more challenging poses, and can be a burner for the thighs and calves. Indeed, this is one of those poses where the benefits of yoga outweigh the goofiness involved. 
  • Titibhasana (Firefly Pose) – Okay, this one surely requires more respect than laughs, but you cannot deny that seeing a human being fling out their legs like that is quite funny, and mildly disturbing too, perhaps. A great way to challenge arm strength and open up the hips, this asana is one of the major markers of you advancing towards a higher level of yoga.

Some Precautions to Keep In Mind 

While yoga is always a fun and safe activity, there are some points you should keep in mind, especially in view of the poses above – 

  • Whether you are practising yoga at home or working at a yoga studio, always remember your level of experience. You certainly would want to challenge yourself, but, do not get carried away and attempt them even if you are not ready to.
  • Laughter and smiles are a natural and important part of life, and it is always great to break into them once in a while during your yoga training. After all, happiness and mindfulness are one of the major reasons for doing yoga poses. But remember that you are also working on your body, and you do not want your laughter to strain your muscles or pull your focus, or those of others. Balancing discipline and fun is important.

Want to Learn These Funny Poses and More?

Sure, yoga at home is convenient and fun, but are you really getting all that you can out of it? Working it out at a yoga studio can just be the experience you were looking for. And if you do want to give yoga at the studio a try, why not join Hith Yoga? With its years of experience, a holistic approach to yoga that covers various styles, facilitative ambience, and highly trained teachers, Hith Yoga is one of the best places in Delhi-NCR to learn yoga. So whether it be these funny poses, a beginner’s introduction, to an advanced student’s next challenge, Hith Yoga has something for everybody. So do come by and try a few classes, and you would surely want to stay on!

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