Fight Diabetes Effectively With Yoga

Fight Diabetes Effectively With Yoga

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  • Benefits of Yoga in Diabetic condition
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Diabetes refers to a condition where the body is unable to regulate blood glucose (sugar) levels, due to the improper production or usage of the hormone insulin. Unfortunately, this is a definition many would already be aware of – as a very common illness, diabetes and the risk for diabetes are one of the major health challenges for any population in the world today. Living with this condition can be a major challenge, one that affects both productivity and happiness. Fortunately, research into the illness has lead to the insight that along with proper medical support, a healthy lifestyle can go a very long way in controlling the possibility and impact of diabetes and its symptoms. One major lifestyle practice which has received major support is Yoga.

Regular integration of yogic practices including asanas, meditation, and breathing can improve blood sugar levels[1].  As an exercise, it increases glucose uptake, which in turn helps reduce sugar levels. Yoga also promotes mind-body harmony and mental relaxation, both of which help in reducing stress – and stress hormones have been shown to have a direct link with increase in glucose levels [2]. Weight loss and regular, moderate activity, both essential for diabetic patients, are also attainable through yoga. Interestingly, research has found that low thyroid levels increases the risk of progressing to Type 2 diabetes. Yoga can intervene in this complex relationship by enhancing thyroid functioning, thus giving dual benefits to those at risk.[3]

Above all, yoga is a gentle, peaceful form of exercise, one that even the most sedentary individuals can slowly incorporate into their life. As a versatile activity, everybody, no matter what their level of strength or flexibility, can find something that they can do and enjoy. Slowly, intensity levels can be built, and better health achieved.

There are a number of yogic asanas that specifically help diabetic patients, as these help improve blood circulation, energy consumption, and additionally target belly fat. Here are some asanas of all levels to help you get started –

  1. Downward Facing Dog – A rejuvenating stretch, this asana works balance and strength of both the legs and the arms, and tones both the core and the waist.

2. Bridge Pose – Yet another great stretch for the upper body, this anasa stimulates the lungs, thyroids and abdominal organs, and gets the blood pumping in your body.

3. Child’s Pose – A relaxing pose, it still carries a great kick as is stretches out the muscles of the body while also helping in easing fatigue and aiding breathing

4. Supported Shoulder Stand – A great challenge for the novice and intermediate exercisers, this inversion pose helps improve thyroid functioning and circulation along with calming the mind, to say nothing of the sense of achievement and gratification that follows a successful asana

5. Upward Facing Dog – A heavyweight for the top half of the body, this strength-based asana gives the back a gentle, calming stretch while lowering blood pressure, boosting circulation, and promoting weight loss.

6. Bow Pose – This one requires a little more flexibility, but it directly impacts blood sugar levels, as well as stimulates abdominal organs. It may be best to gently build up to this exercise with stretching and other asanas like upward dog.

7. Corpse Pose – Unlike its slightly macabre name, this pose is actually very invigorating and relaxing. Essentially a yogic free pass to lie down and relax, this exercise heals the body, especially after a yogic session, and helps relieve stress and fatigue. Mediation may also be undertaken alongside

8. Frog Pose – A great workout for the lower part of the body, this pose opens up the hips, reduces strains on the heels, and helps digestion. Do take care to achieve the pose properly, or your elbows and hands may face undue pressure

9. Plank Pose – Alongside helping the muscles of the hands and the wrist strengthen, this pose also stimulates the neck muscles and tones the buttocks. However, you need not strike the perfect pose to reap in the benefits – a number of easy modifications exist, all of which are just as productive.

10. Full Boat Pose –  A great belly fat killer, this asana also helps in achieving balance, and strengthens organs such as lungs, livers, and pancreas – the last of which is responsible for insulin production. Better blood circulation is added benefit.

Integrating yogic practices, such as the asanas above, into everyday life can lead to huge benefits, which, combined with medical support, can help ensure that individuals with diabetes or at-risk for it are able to live their best life, everyday.

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