Does intuition really work?

Does intuition really work?

Gut feeling. Inner thoughts. ‘It doesn’t feel right’. ‘It feels so good’. ‘I am getting some uncanny feels about this’. All but the same versions of the old word that we so frequently and easily use- intuition. Okay, so before I delve deep into the topic, let’s start with what intuition actually is. Intuition is basically the ability to recognise and respond to knowledge acquired through the senses, by the subconscious mind. It includes cognition, unconscious pattern recognition, inner instincts.
With the growing number of researches on the subconscious portions of the brain, mainly the amygdala, it is clear that this intuition is for real, and probably a very important aspect governing our responses in well organised situations.
In life, our brains are continuously working. Being at the apex of the intelligence pyramid of all animals, we humans are blessed with the ability to control our thoughts, determine negative from positive and what not, a feature termed by biologists as ‘self consciousness’. In this light, let me answer the question that very oftenly pops up in all of us’ minds- ‘does intuition really work?’ in very plain words. Yes it does.
Our subconscious is always alert, aware of the surroundings and the events that occur to and around us. This is further augmented by the fact that dreams are more often than not, resemblances of our very own versions of alternate reality. Your subconscious is working even when you are reading this text, if you are understanding everything without consciously thinking. That’s all our intuition. Next, how many times have you caught yourselves having déjà-vu moments, with your mind commanding you not to take a certain step because you have failed in a similar situation earlier? Or, how many times have you exclaimed, I knew this was the answer!
There it is. Your intuition, guiding you, based on the knowledge that it has gained from the senses and experience, by remembering the set patterns, by past experiences. Intuition really does work, even if you choose to ignore it or disbelieve it; It is there!

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