Choose the Perfect Yoga Teacher for Your Corporate Session

Choose the Perfect Yoga Teacher for Your Corporate Session

As the stress levels and concerns for employees increases, there has been a great rise in corporate yoga sessions, with great results. Combining mental and physical health, yoga provides a diverse range of exercises that are easy to do and can be practiced anywhere, providing office-goers the perfect tools to deal with their health issues and office stressors. 

To make sure that your employees get the best of yoga, however, it is important that they learn from somebody who has not only expertise in yoga, but also an effective communication and teaching style to impart that knowledge. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a yoga teacher – 

  • Qualifications – If your company wishes to hire a yoga teacher, you will have to assure them that the person in charge is somebody who has the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake such training. Thus, qualifications are a very important part of the deal. It can also help in boosting your employees’ confidence and willingness to learn yoga, as they know it comes from a reliable and knowledgeable source. 
  • Experience – Corporate yoga classes are not like personal or group classes. Here, the goals may be different, the time and settings may vary, and people with different backgrounds in terms of age, gender, and existing medical conditions may be participating in a session together. It is essential that your teacher of choice has the experience required to handle such diversity. 
  • Beyond the Workout – A good yoga teacher is one who not only introduces exercises and meditational practices but also talks about the spiritual components, takes questions and queries, offers modifications and changes, and supports their students beyond the immediate class. By connecting with the students, the teacher enables connections to grow inside the class, which in turn can help your employees get more comfortable with each other.
  • Logistical – A good yoga teacher (and the studio or company that they are affiliated to) should meet you halfway in deciding logistical issues such as time, place, number of sessions and the kind of equipment and supporting structure required at the class. A reliable teacher will be clear in communicating expectations and requirements that ensure a good, safe and comfortable class for everybody involved. 
  • Progress Monitoring – Corporate yoga classes are introduced with some goals in mind, especially relating to the mental and physical health of employees. An expert teacher will be able to monitor the progress of the entire session, and thus give the company guidelines about when things can progress to a more advanced level. In this way, they ensure that their students keep going down the path of health.

Hence, a reliable corporate yoga teacher is one who is flexible, observant, knowledgeable and a good communicator, who is truly invested in the health and wellbeing of those who have taken up the class. If you are looking for a qualified teacher who meets these criteria and has experience in corporate yoga, contact Hith Yoga Studio and provide your company with the best of yoga and professionalism at the most competitive prices. 

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