Chin Mudra – Consciousness Gesture

Chin Mudra – Consciousness Gesture
What’s Inside-
  • What is Chin Mudra in Yoga?
  • How to hold Chin Mudra while doing mindfulness meditation ?
  • What are the benefits of Chin Mudra?
Chin Mudra can be a good aid when you meditate

Chin mudra is an extremely good Mudra that can help you go inwards. It creates a more conducive environment within and hence it is also being used while doing pranayamas. Hence it is a very good Mudra for mindfulness meditation purpose.  It also routes the pranic energy back into our system, hence increasing the energy levels. In this mudra the index finger represents individual consciousness while thumb represents universal consciousness. Hence joining it signifies connecting individual self with the universal self

chin = consciousness, mudra = gesture

It is similar to jnana (wisdom, knowledge) mudra, where the palms are facing downwards

Step 1

Place your hands on your knees, with palms facing upwards

Step 2

Touch the tip of the index finger to the tip of the thumb, while other fingers being half open/half open position


  • Connects us to our higher Self/Inner self
  • Uplifts energy
  • Calms down the mind
  • Brightens the overall mood

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