An expedition for peace! Yoga Travel (Retreat) to Jibhi

An expedition for peace! Yoga Travel (Retreat) to Jibhi

Calming down the mind – Day 1 of Yoga and Meditation Travel in Jibhi

This time the station for the Hith Yoga retreat was a secluded, lesser know but immensely peaceful town of Jibhi in Himachal Pradesh. The Yoga-Lovers met at Auto and from then went on together to this serene place whose beauty seemed to relieve all the pain and tiredness of a twelve-hour long journey, almost instantly.

We were stationed in beautifully-constructed hut-houses along the river-stream, the stream which was also the site of Hith Yoga’s first meditation session. The session proceeded soon after a small relaxation break and a round of introductions over a light, healthy lunch.

After having explored the stream, slowly imbibing the beauty of it’s surroundings, each yogi chose one rock in the middle of the river-stream on which we spread our mats to sit in a meditative posture.

Meditating in the midst of natural surroundings tends to give a holistic experience of the essence of meditation. When our eyes are shut and we begin the practice, we slowly and gradually become aware of the bounties of nature. The movement of the water waves, that is sometimes slow and gentle and vigorous at the others interspersed with the sound of cuckoos and sparrows and the fresh air, which flutters the tree-leaves from time to time. As we went deeper into meditation, relaxing ourselves and slowly getting accustomed to the surroundings, we were transported to a state where we become one-one with the water, the air, the birds, the trees and with ourselves. With each moment we gradually become one with our own being so much so that it was difficult to tell one finger from the other or the palm from the wrist, we become one entity-in unison with nature and with each other. It feels like one has never been separate from nature and that we are the product of our immediate surroundings.

Such was the experience of meditation, in the middle of the river on the center of a rock, which too seems to be a part of us and one slowly becomes free of the cluttered thoughts of the mind. It becomes all about nature and us, who are inseparable from nature.

The meditation session was soothing and filled one’s mind with utter bliss which cannot be summed-up in words that often fall short of the best description that language can offer. It can only be experienced through one’s own being, within one’s internal environment….in the lap of nature!

This was only the first part of a life changing yoga-retreat which had more to offer other than meditation and yoga- the heart-to-heart human interactions, expeditions around Jibhi and those within.

We share more tales of peace and calm from this retreat in the coming blog-posts, stay tuned to know more of what we experienced on the next two days.


You can reach us to know more details of our next mountain yoga retreat and get your bookings done for the amazing life changing experience!

Yoga Travel Jibhi

Yoga and Wellness Travel in Jibhi

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