5 Reasons Why Travelers Should Try Yoga During Their Stay In Delhi

5 Reasons Why Travelers Should Try Yoga During Their Stay In Delhi

In the capital city of India for a few days? There is an incredible lot you can fit into your schedule which can make your small trip the experience of a lifetime. Alongside the shopping, tourism, and cuisine, there is another authentic cultural experience that is a must-do on your visit to Delhi – join a Yoga class. Here are some compelling reasons why – 

  • Know What the Hype is All About – Yoga classes for travellers can help you in understanding why Yoga has spread out to the world and become one of the most popular forms of exercise on the planet. Just one session may be enough for you to see the relaxation the practice provides, and how it is not just about gentle stretching but is a challenging workout that pushes both your mind and body. Indeed, you will find it living up to the hype.
  • Keep Up With Your Practice – If you are a regular practitioner of yoga, engaging in a drop-in yoga class would help you to prevent disruption with your regular routine. While travelling is fun, it can also be tiring and challenging and cause disruptions to your body. Yoga becomes the perfect way to unwind and ensure that stress and fatigue do not overtake you.
  • Practice Authentically – Yoga in India has been a part of the culture for millennia. The practice here is thus more rooted, and you are likely to learn new ways of engaging in yoga, undertake illuminating discussions with experts, and understand how yoga is more than just exercise. Thus, a few days of yoga sessions in India can improve your overall approach to the practice.
  • Learn From the Experiences of Others – When you join a yoga class with good reviews, you will find yourself in the company of both novices and experts. Talking to them can open up your horizons on the benefits of yoga and the multiple ways it impacts your life.  You might also find out how people like to integrate the practice into their daily lives.
  • Help Others Learn from Your Experience – As an outsider dropping in, you would be in the perfect position to critically evaluate your experience of the yoga class and put in reviews that help residents chose the best yoga studio around them. 

So, if you are here for a few days and looking for things to do in Delhi, do come by at Hith Yoga Studio for a yoga session or we could arrange a teacher for private session in your hotel or if the weather allows, we could also arrange a special yoga class for you or your group in Lodhi Garden or Nehru Park. With incredible drop-in prices at the studio, you will get to experience yoga in a comfortable, facilitative ambiance with the best of teachers to guide you along. For google Reviews click here and for TripAdvisor click here

Note: Don’t have a mat! Well, do not worry, we could arrange it for you.

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