Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Surya Namaskar is one of the most well known practice in yoga. There are a few different styles of doing it based on the school that you follow. Note that Surya Namaskar was not part of traditional Hatha Yoga practice but was included later on. It is a sequence of 12 poses, could be repeated several time, one after the other.

  1. Inhale first and then Exhale, join your hands together in front of your chest (in Namaskar Mudra)
  2. Inhale – Stretch your arms up, arch your back, push your hip bone forward
  3. Exhale – Bend forward, keeping your spine straight, try touching hands on the mat, keeping hands by the side of the feet
  4. Inhale – Take your right leg back. Touch your right knee down on the mat (toes can either be tucked in or stretched out)
  5. Holding your breath (or Exhale – Inhale), take left leg back – And get into plank position
  6. Exhale – Bring down your knees, chest and chin on the floor
  7. Inhale – Roll your body forward (like in cobra pose), try keeping your pelvis grounded
  8. Exhale – Tuck your toes in and lift yourself up for downward dog
  9. Inhale – Bring your light leg forward
  10. Exhale – Bring your left leg forward
  11. Inhale – Stretch your arms up, arch your back, push your hip bone forward
  12. Exhale – Come back to namaskar mudra

Note that in this round, we started from right leg and brought the same leg forward. In the second round, we would use the left. Once we do it, it would be completion of 1 round.

Repeat the rounds, you could start for 3 rounds and build it up to 9/12/15 or more, as much your body allows you. We would also share with you modification that for people who have lower back or slight bit of neck pain.

  • It helps maintain overall health
  • Maintains spinal health
  • Stimulates and cardiovascular and nervous system
  • Tones the body, strengthen the arms
  • Develops flexibility
  • Balances the surya nadi – any kind of imbalance (over activity or under activity is balaced)

Here is the video for Sun Salutations

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