Why should I do yoga regularly?

DWQA QuestionsWhy should I do yoga regularly?
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Having received global recognition for its immense health benefits, Yoga has proven to be a live changer for millions. It helps in healing the body and mind and instils a sense of tranquillity and transcend towards self-realization. With Yoga, one needs to be consistent with the practice and thus will be able to reap the benefits of the same. Reasons to perform Yoga can be enumerated as under:

  • Yoga makes the mind progressively trained and high productivity, which in turn increases the productivity and objectivity of life. 
  • The regular practice of Yoga helps to release stiffness from the muscles and makes the body light, supple, and flexible. 
  • Consistent Yoga practices are known to increase pulmonary disorders in the body and heal the disorders.
  • Fighting depression with yogic breathing exercises has been one of the greatest boons of this practice. Yoga enables us to soothe our senses and calms the mind. It is a pragmatic approach for dealing with pragmatic thoughts.
  • Sleep deprivation and insomnia have been common problems faced by most people these days. Good sound sleep is one of the most important requirements of a healthy mind. Yogic asanas like Supta Baddha Konasana, balasana, Uttanasana, and Brahmari techniques of breathing, help in improving the quality of sleep. 

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