Why do all religions talk about meditation?

DWQA QuestionsWhy do all religions talk about meditation?
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Though meditation surpasses all peripheries of religion and establishes a common ground for everyone to participate, it is undeniable that meditation has been talked about in many religions in some form or the other. While they offer the same essential practice, each religion has its unique orientation, drawing on its special symbols, stories, and teachings, favouring certain practices, subjects, and goals.

Like in Hinduism, meditation plays a part in all aspects of Indian spiritual life, whether on a greater and lesser degree. There are several approaches or yoga and meditation that have been advocated in Hinduism. Again, meditation is a central part of Buddhism, a religion which provides a long-lasting tradition of the most highly developed systems of meditation.  Many people believe that meditation is a Buddhist practice, which evolved from Gautama, a prince who renounced his throne, opting for a life of ascetic practice that led him to become the enlightened one. The Christian form of meditation has along with history, though not all forms and practices are accepted universally in all churches. The Eastern Orthodox of Christianity traditions practises creating and using icons as a focus of meditation. The Jesuit Traditions use visualization and imagination to respond in a personal way to scenes from Christ and internalize the lessons that can be found within them. In Islam as well, the roots of meditation can be traced in Sufi spiritual practices where a master dictates spiritual practice to his pupils and help initiate a connection with the Almighty / Allah.


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