Which are the top 5 face yoga for glowing skin?

DWQA QuestionsWhich are the top 5 face yoga for glowing skin?
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Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) 

This pose reduces stiffness in the back and shoulders, relaxes and elevates your mood and your skin smooth. Bhujangasana indirectly helps your skin to be healthy. This asana allows the heart and lungs to open up, thus improving your breathing. This in turns, helps to open the pores and lets your skin breathe pain. 

Halasana (Plough Pose)

Halasana is great for claiming your mind, reducing stress and fatigue, and improving your digestive process. This asana helps to achieve a glowing visage as it removes toxins from the body. This, in turn, helps in achieving glowing skin and also delays ageing.

Matyasana (Fish Pose)

Forget your fish manicure and assume the Matyasana pose to stretch your muscles and stimulate the stomach and abdomen. The asana also stretches the muscles of your face and throat, which helps in getting rid of that annoying double chin. You can see an innate glow in your face which can be achieved by having a clear bowel movement that the asana induces.

Vajrasana ( Kneeling Pose)

The Kneeling Pose is an excellent asana to maintain healthy digestion and thereby help in attaining glowing skin. Acne, dryness and similar other skin ailments are primarily caused by poor bowel movements. Vajrasana ensures that you get rid of those harmful toxins of the body and thus maintain a glowing healthy skin.

Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

If there is any fountain of youth and beauty in yoga, it has to be the Dhanurasana. This position not only regulates oxygen supply to the entire body but also instantly revitalizes skin cells. It is one of the best yoga poses for getting rid of fine lines and harmful radicals from the body.

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