What yoga postures help in back pain?

DWQA QuestionsWhat yoga postures help in back pain?
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Those long restless hours sitting on the computer make your spine and back swell and cause major discomfort, which in some cases, can also have condescending consequences. Yoga is a mind and body therapy that’s often recommended to treat not only back pain but stress that accompanies with it. Some of the yoga positions for the same are:

Sphinx Pose

It is a gentle backbend that is meant to strengthen the spine and buttocks, which consequently helps to release tension and stress. It also stretches the chest, shoulder and abdomen which helps in achieving a flatter stomach.

Locust Pose

This pose is an excellent reliever of back pain and fatigue. Work-life these days demand most people to sit in front of the computer for uninterrupted hours and people tend to develop different aches and pains in the waist and back. Locust Pose tends to strengthen the back of the torso and arms, thereby reliving the body from aches and pains.

Bridge Pose

This is a backbend and inversion pose that can be stimulating or restorative. It stretches the spine and it may relieve backaches and headaches. This is an essential pose for maintaining blood pressure and having a stress free life. It releases the toxins of the spine, which helps in attaining flexibility.

Two-Knee Spinal Twist

This restorative twist promotes movement and mobility in the spine and back. It stretches your spine, back and shoulders. Practising this pose can help relieve pain and stiffness in your back and hips. It is an ideal exercise for office goers as it helps in attaining a balance between body and mind and channelizing energies in the right direction.

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