What type of Yoga is good for daily routine?

DWQA QuestionsWhat type of Yoga is good for daily routine?
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The persistent practice of Yoga is necessary to show significant results impacting the physical and mental health. It is a journey to be embarked on to experience the mystical ailment of the chakras, which discharges positive energies across the body and mind and thus making you feel healthy and relaxed. Some of the Asanas for daily routine are :

Child Pose- Balasana

Relaxation is an imminent criterion of the daily routine and should be done, at least once every day. One of the easiest yoga postures, which inducing relaxation all across the body and helps to calm the nerves is Balasana, which literally translates to child pose. This pose helps relieve the back, hips and neck by stretching and soothing them out all at the same time. It is really essential to keep breathing while performing this pose.

Equal Breathing (Pranayama):

This ancient practice of breathing is associated with Pranayama Yoga in which the person inhales the same amount of time it exhales. One can practice equal breathing both in a sting position as well as lying down. This has proven to be effective in mitigating the anxiety disorder issue and a popular yoga asana for daily life.

Triangle Pose- Trikonasana:

Another yoga for daily life, which helps in relaxing the body and mind, is Trikonasana. While doing this pose, you need to alternate on both of your left and right side, whilst forming a triangle. This pose helps your spine generate flexibility when you lean sideways and it helps in reducing spondylitis. Also, it is important to ensure that your shoulders align with one another when leaning.

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