What can 10 minutes of meditation do for me?

DWQA QuestionsWhat can 10 minutes of meditation do for me?
Avataradmin Staff asked 2 months ago

Meditation can act as a magic wand for the well being of your body. Even 10 minutes of practice can rejuvenate the body and set a sense of positivity within. It is an incredibly effective manoeuvre, and it’s also free therapy!

Some benefits of 10 minutes meditation are :

  • Meditation is a wonderful way of reducing anxiety and stress. It impacts the overall nervous system of the body by reducing the production of stress-related chemicals such as cortisol. Meditation decreases oxygen consumption, heart rate, and blood pressure and induces relaxation waves throughout the body.
  • There is significant data to support that meditation can reduce chronic pain. Patients suffering from backache, chronic migraine, and tension headaches can be highly benefitted by meditation practice. They can even stop their pain medication if they do not waver in their resolve of regular meditation.
  • Meditation is known to treat insomnia and improve the ability to sleep. Even practised for 10 minutes, meditation can calm the brain and deter the irrelevant thoughts from clustering the mind and thereby increasing the chances to sleep easily.

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