What are the best introductory poses of Yoga for digestion flow?

DWQA QuestionsWhat are the best introductory poses of Yoga for digestion flow?
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Forward Pose

Here the body is bent forward,  with an attempt to touch the toes, while keeping the knee erect. A deep forward fold instantly boosts your circulation, improving blood flow to the digestive organs. Forward folds are also great for promoting relaxation and peace of mind, which also calms the mind and releases tension from all body parts including the stomach.

Camel Pose

Camel Pose helps in easing the discomfort of the stomach by opening up the torso. It expands the abdominal area and can be particularly beneficial in aiding elimination if you are suffering from constipation.

Revolved Triangle Pose

This pose is another twist that’s great for stimulating the abdominals and helping to get things moving. It also helps in stretching the spine and torso and thus helps in maintaining a clean bowel and digestive system.


 One of the easiest yoga postures, which inducing better digestion and helps to calm the nerves is Balasana, which literally translates to child pose. This pose helps relieve the back, hips and neck by stretching and soothing them out all at the same time. It is really essential to keep breathing while performing this pose. Improving your digestion fire with the regular practice of child pose. The repetitive practice of child pose strengthens the intestinal tract and helps activity.

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