How are yoga and meditation-related?

DWQA QuestionsHow are yoga and meditation-related?
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Yoga and meditation can be interchangeably used, but are slightly different. Meditation is slightly tough to master as it is the art of controlling the mind and provides a sense of positivity and mindfulness in the mind and body.  People sometimes find it really difficult to sit up straight, without forming a hunch. And if the spine does remain erect, the benefits of yoga cannot be reaped to the fullest. Hence, Yoga postures prepare the body for meditation. It is a rejuvenating technique for the body as well as mind and thereby helps in mind to focus better during meditation. Yoga postures have been systematically designed to prepare the body to meditate and feel a sense of self-awareness.

Meditation and yoga are definitely interlinked. They are both part of the English Limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. They both go hand in hand. They both work together to unite a small part of self to an augmented idea of infinite consciousness and liberation. Yoga helps to de-stress the muscles and nerves so that the benefits of meditation can be reaped to the fullest. It helps to shepherd the body to the point of stillness by clearing away the restless energy and prepare it to become immersed into deep concentration or meditation. Hence, it can be concluded that yoga is the gatekeeper of meditation.

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