Is meditation religious in nature?

DWQA QuestionsIs meditation religious in nature?
Avataradmin Staff asked 6 months ago

No, it isn’t. Religion is based on the objectivity of reality, which varies from one another. The gamut of meditation is much wider and dynamic as compared to. It is on the lines of spirituality, not religion. Religion is an outer expression of faith that gives you identity and a place in the community and world. Meditation is more about psychological affinity rather than religious inclinations. It comprises of sets, techniques or practices, which help in self-awareness and analysis. It is important to note that meditation surpasses the concept of religion and goes beyond that. It helps in enabling a mechanism to train the mind and channel the emotions in the direction of enlightenment. It is also seen that breathing meditation exists in every tradition in some form of the other. Prayers to God in every religion can be seen as a type of focused meditation. But no religion can claim that meditation belongs to it.  So religion can exhibit a few characteristics of meditation, and they both can simultaneously walk, but it would be unreal to say that meditation is a religious paradigm.


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