How do I keep my mind from wandering during meditation?

DWQA QuestionsHow do I keep my mind from wandering during meditation?
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Many people surmise that meditation isn’t their cup of tea as they won’t be able to stop thinking no matter what they do. Some even believe that they are incapable of relaxing. That’s why it is necessary to understand that meditation will make you do neither. It is not blasphemous to have a wandering mind in the initial stages of practising meditation. It is perfectly normal to have recurring thoughts during a meditation session. What people need to understand is that meditation teaches us to cling to our thoughts and not to run away with them. It allows us to let our thoughts come and go, without letting ourselves get carried away. Here are some useful tips that might be helpful :

  • Try drawing imaginary shapes while doing your breathing exercises.  It does not necessarily have to be a perfect square or triangle but should be an endeavour to keep the mind engaged.
  • It is also helpful to practise guided meditation. This process of meditation requires the mind to create mental pictures and visualization, which aid in the relaxation of body and mind. It also envisages the use of various senses, such as smell, sounds, textures, etc.
  • When practising meditation, instead of pushing the thoughts away, try to welcome them in. Trying so hard not to think about something will only make you think about it even more. Welcoming your thoughts will make you feel freer.

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