Is Meditation Difficult?

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Meditation can be an intimidating affair. There are many reasons why reflection can appear difficult or even challenging. Many distracting factors can impact the attention and focus span. Most people do not recognize that meditation is letting go of resistance to whatever arises. There are many insinuating factors that make meditation a tough nut to crack. Some of the reasons have been enumerated as under:

  • People tend to be excusable and start cribbing about being too busy or stressed. Most of us spend more time reading a newspaper or surfing the web. It only appears like we don’t have time because we usually fill every moment with activity and never press the pause button. There is no medical cure for stress, but as meditation is one of the best remedies, it’s worth creating the space for it.
  • We are unable to stop my unfathomable thoughts, which constantly tend we disrupt our thought process. The mind seems to be like a monkey bitten by a scorpion, taking leaps from one branch to another. So meditation gets interrupted. Every time you find your mind drifting, daydreaming, remembering the past or planning ahead, just come back to now, come back to this moment. 
  • Accepting negative thoughts and feelings when they are intense and maybe even overwhelming can be darned hard. And that is exactly why mindfulness meditation is a difficult practice for those of us who struggle with anxiety and distorted thoughts.

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