How important is a contemplation on the path of meditation?

DWQA QuestionsHow important is a contemplation on the path of meditation?
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Meditation is the act of introspection of self and the surrounding. The word “ Meditate” has been taken from the Latin word “meditari,” which meaning to think about or consider. When the mind consistently moves from one thought to another, brain activity is categorized as beta waves. As the brain calms down through meditation, the waves become smooth and slow and classified as alpha waves. Deeper meditation decreases the brain waves further, and the pattern becomes even slower. This brain activity is called theta waves. So meditation churns the thinking wheels of the brain in order to contemplate and reminiscence the past actions of thoughts, without any judgment passed. It is a path of self-inquiry and quest to find the best version of yourself, which can only be done through rigorous contemplation. It also cultivates stability in our restless minds with the help of our breath as the main object of meditation. Contemplation acts as an anchor for the wandering mind and helps to bring about a balance between the body and mind. Deeper insights into our personality and our human characteristics are the result of stabilization and enhanced conscious experience. This can be achieved through a prolonged contemplation, connecting the past experiences with the present moment. Through meditation, people thrive on stepping further and connecting personally with cultural development.

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