How Will Meditation Affect Life?

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Meditation is an ancient wellness practice that promotes relaxation, focus, and awareness of the body and mind. In Psychology, meditation is defined as “a family of mental training practices that are designed to familiarize the practitioner with specific types of mental processes.”  Research has shown that meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus and concentration, and increase feelings of calmness and tranquillity.  This, in turn, leads to an improved sense of presence, attentiveness, and an increase in valued human qualities such as patience and empathy.

Reduces Stress level :

The challenging dynamics of the modern world have proven to be tormenting for people to cope up and thereby leading to anxiety and stress. A generous serving to physical and mental anxiety has become the new normal of today. Meditation has proven to be the greatest stress-buster of all. It helps to reduce hormonal cortisol (stress hormones), which are detrimental to sleep cycles and blood pressure.

Amplify empathy:

Meditation promotes a sense of harmony and oneness through its practices. Various techniques to mediation help to develop the cognitive skills of bringing in affinity and brotherhood for fellow beings. The deep state of flow facilitates to build social connectedness and make us more affectionate and generous.

Improves cognition:

A relaxed and lightened mind has always proven to be a prudent decision-maker in most cases. Research has proved that those who practice meditation in their daily routine are prone to witness improved cognitive skills, which in turn, boosts their professional career. 

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