What is the difference between meditation and contemplation?

DWQA QuestionsWhat is the difference between meditation and contemplation?
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Many people tend to use the words ‘meditation’ and ‘contemplation’ interchangeably. However, they are not the exact synonyms of each other. While contemplation means to train thoughts about something or maybe lament over the past, meditation is the training of the mind to rest in a particular focus that leads to a connection of the source of consciousness itself.

Christianity also tends to define the two terms differently. Here, meditation means how much God loves you and ponders the thoughts of connections to God while weighing each of them. They ponder God or Christ or the mysteries of the faith, but musing on them, thinking over them, considering them. It is a mental activity of engagement in an emotional or affectionate manner. On the other hand, contemplation has been described as gazing wordlessly on Christ or the Almighty, with love and compassion. It is an emotional awareness of love, which is close to a meditative experience. It will be wise to conclude that meditation and contemplation are like two ends of a continuum: there is no hard and fast distinction in separating them, although they are different.  In meditation, there comes the point when the pondering stops, and the focus of your awareness shifts from thoughts to something more vast and grand, a luminous recognition of silence. At this point, you are transitioning from meditation to contemplation.


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