Can meditation heal your body?

DWQA QuestionsCan meditation heal your body?
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The modern implications of meditation on people’s lives have been impeccable. People who are struggling with chronic pain or other medical conditions are resorting to meditation along with other conventional medical treatment, to feel better in body and spirit. It may be because meditation tends to tension and anxiety, which may be caused by chronic or life-threatening illnesses and thereby help the mind to relax and feel better. This feeling can potentially cause a positive change in the body and mind. In this regard, guided meditation is particularly helpful. This process of meditation requires the mind to create mental pictures and visualization, which aid in the relaxation of body and mind. It is usually guided by a teacher or narrator who explains the dynamics of mind and how its likely to behave during meditation. It also envisages the use of various senses, such as smell, sounds, textures, etc. For example, if an ailing person has cancer, he might be asked to vividly picture the White Blood Cells fighting and winning against the cancer cells and purging the bad cells of the body.  In a similar manner, a person can visualize his immune system as a train steadily chugging up the hill. This, in turn, can give a mental boost and induce confidence. Regular meditation can help to relieve stress and help improve the ability to focus snd help to a better understanding of your thought process and patterns. This can consequently help to enhance creativity, reduce chronic pain, treat headaches, and even improve athletic performance, defying the pain and spasm. Hence, meditation can be punctuated with regular medicines to heal the body overall. 


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