10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Savasana (Corpse Pose)

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Savasana (Corpse Pose)


I have been practising yoga for years and have benefitted immensely from it. And I recommend it to every other person I meet who complains of having health problems or suffers from stress and anxiety. There are many yoga asanas which are performed while doing yoga. But the feeling of lying down with your hands and body relaxed is very blissful after a good session of yoga. Yes, you are getting it right, I am talking about Shavasana. Also known as the corpse pose.

This is one of my favourite asanas, were at the end of yoga, you lie down with your eyes closed and body relaxed. Savasana derives its name from the Sanskrit word the Sava means cobra and asana means pose. It resembles the cobra and thus is known as the cobra pose. You might think that it is one of the easiest yoga asanas of all as it requires you to lie down and relax, but the reality is different.

It is quite challenging to perform the asana when you know that you are conscious of your breath, and you are aware of all the sensations happening in your body. Savasana relaxes and rejuvenates your body and helps me feel calm and comfortable.

                                                                                    -Jasneet Kaur

How To Perform Savasana (Corpse Pose)?

Savasana or corpse pose is quite simple and requires very few steps. It is essential to understand how to do the asana properly so that you can master the pose. The steps involved in savasana include-

  1. The asana should be practised lying down on the mat or some bedsheet on the floor. Keep your surroundings clean.
  2. Now lie at the centre of the mat.
  3. Keep your spine straight and shoulders on the ground.
  4. Now keep your arms on sides, palms facing upwards and fingers wholly relaxed.
  5. Keep your legs apart and let your feet relax completely and toes facing the sides.
  6. Bring your consciousness one by one on all the body parts. Starting from your legs and reaching to your head.
  7. Keeping your eyes closed, now concentrate on your breath. Expand your chest while inhaling and contract it when exhaling. Now relax your body while you understand your breath from head to toe.
  8. While you are lying down with eyes closed, try to stay awake for 4-5 minutes and relax. Now steadily and slowly roll down to your right side for a minute and then with the help of your hand sit back in the seated position.
  9. Now slowly open your eyes while you feel your breath and become aware of your body. You will feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

Benefits Of Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana, when practised correctly, has excellent health benefits. It gives you that kick of energy after the rigorous session of yoga. It refreshes and lightens your body and mind. It also helps in spiritually connecting to the divine. The asana is easy to perform, yet it comes with a plethora of advantages. The main benefits of practising savasana are-

  1. The asana helps in relieving the stress and tension from the mind. It brings you to the state of deep rest and meditation. It helps in repairing the tissues and cells of the body. 
  2. It also helps to reduce anxiety, blood pressure and insomnia. 
  3. It relaxes the nervous system and strengthens the spine.
  4. It aids the digestive system and reduces bowel movements.
  5. It also enhances the immune system and boosts energy.
  6. The asana also helps to connect with the divine spiritually and become aware of one’s conscience.
  7. It also helps in improving the heart rate and decreases muscle tension.
  8. It promotes better concentration and memory.
  9. The asana is also helpful in dealing with problems like migraine, constipation and insomnia.
  10. Savasana is a perfect way to end the rigorous session of yoga as it relaxes and rejuvenates the mind and body completely. It lightens the body and boosts your energy levels. 

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