How Yoga Originated?

Probably the biggest mystery that surrounds yoga is its time of origination. The first written documentation of yoga is found in an ancient Indian text named Rig Veda. Thus it can be safely said that at least 5000 years ago yoga, the science and art of that unites the body&soul&mind

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Different Styles of Yoga

Yoga comes from a Sanskrit word ‘youj’ which means’ union’. Referred to as an art form, religion& ideology, the meaning of yoga truly and essentially covers broader perceptions. Yoga defined simply, is a union of body, mind and soul. It keeps the spirit, soul, body& mind in harmony.

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Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga is an ancient science involving the mind, body and spirit. Yoga was developed and practiced in India, and is since evolving. Yoga therapy and yoga benefits are now well known all over the world. The famed yoga attracts a lot of foreign tourists to India every year.

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The significance of June 21 transcends the borders of India as the world commemorates this day to express their gratitude to yoga, an umbrella term used that refers to a collective of spiritual, mental and physical practises that have its roots in Rigveda, an ancient Indian text.It was at the United Nations General Assembly

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Yoga for Modern lifestyle

The modern lifestyle attracts us through comfort & ease, in the variety of devices & gizmos that have turned into vital to our everyday life. However it arrives with a large price tag & we compensate for it with lifestyle illness like hypertension, chubbiness & cardiac crisis, along with others. Extreme utilization of laptops mobile,

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Daily Yoga To Lose Weight

Modern medical science opines that one of the prime reasons behind numerous health complications is obesity. Owing to our unhealthy eating habits and super busy daily schedule, which leaves us with no time to exercise, put on unnecessary weight has become one of the most common problems. Many believe that hitting a gym is a more effective way to lose fat

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