Yoga Retreat at Chandratal

Hith Yoga retreat to the Chandratal lake offers a true blend of nature with spirituality. It is an apt location for connecting with oneself and absorbing the positive energies of the environment and meditate and do Yoga to pure bliss of the mind and body. Chandratal or the moon lake, is a beautiful lake situated on the Samudra Tapu in the Spiti Valley. The journey from Manali to Batal and to the Chandratal camp-site is beset with the view of various beautiful trails and pathways leading to the snow-covered mountains of the surrounding ranges.

The atmosphere leaves a sense of calm on your mind. You could view the Hampta Pass and the Kunzum Pass on the way. The trek to Chandratal lake is a mesmerizing terrain beginning from Chandratal camp-site. A short and easy trek of 4km would leave you refreshed rather than tired and weary. The crystal clear pure water of the lake will calm your senses to awaken your whole being to a refreshing journey within. This trek is apt for all age-groups and you needn't be extra-fit (either physically or mentally) to embark on this beautiful journey. The aim is to relax and replenish the energy of your system to a calmer, more joyful you.



Batal is a small village on the Trans-Himalayan range in Lahaul & Spiti district between Rothang Pass and Kaza. Chandra Tal (Lake) is nearby. It is at the northern part of Himachal Pradesh


Chandra Taal, or Chandra Tal is situated in the Spiti part of the Lahul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh. The name of the lake originates from its crescent shape. It is situated at an altitude of about 4,300 metres in the Himalayas.



A Hatha Yoga teacher, who apart from Yogic practices, would help keep the retreat lively and enjoyable. He enjoys keeping the energy high during the travel, adventure activities or Yoga sessions. Enjoy his jolly nature and a constant smile on the face; in midst of sometimes difficult treks that keeps the group goingRead more about Gourav here.


A Hath Yoga Practioner, she is a sweet yet a disciplined person. With her serene aura, she helps people to master the art of mindfulness, awareness building during formal sessions or during casual one-on-one chats in the retreatRead more about Hitanshi here.
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