Yoga Retreat at Jim Corbet

There is something different, something deep and something invigorating about jungles… Jungle provide an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and draw your attention to some of those deep emotions and fears that you have hidden inside. Framed in a jungle setting, Hith Yoga Jungle Retreat @ Jims Corbett is designed to help you listen to your inner voice and then work on them with the help of Yoga and Meditation. As a result you would gain victory over those unconquered areas of yours emotional being. As you work on yourself, we would ensure that you get the best possible concept


   Jungle Safari

Jungle Safdari is a ritual for everyone who visits the Jum Corbett park and rughtly so, as it is an opportunity ti witness the bounties of Indian Forest with all the natural flora and fauna. If you haven't been to a Jungle Safari before, this experience would exthrall your spirits and make you appreciate the being that co-habit our ecsystem. You would not only appreciate all the heavenly creation but also align yourself with the nature of which we, humans are an intrinsic part. Going back to the evolutionary roots of the civilized human lives is an experience worth enjoy. You only get to expand your mind a little more and learn calm your senses a little better!

   Bird Watching

This is an opportunity to grab that small instance where you end up seeing a bird full of bright natural colours and then reliving it in your imagination for years to come. Yes, in the company of a nauralist, you would be on an adventure of visiting the parts of the forest where you would be able to spot the rarest of the species of birds that are a beauty you would wish to see again and again. These little creatures will fill your heart with your and sooth you mind just by being there with you in those moments. City-dwellers should never miss such rare but magical instances!


Cycling excursion in the midst of the jungle has been planned to give a hands-on experience of the forest. While Safari would be an adventure from a distance into the depths of the jungle, cycling would rejuveate your spirits by giving your mind an body the experience of raw jungle life. An opportunity to reminisce childhood memories of cycling in nature and reliving one's innocent days is something that shouldn't be missed.



A Hath Yoga Practioner, she is a sweet yet a disciplined person. With her serene aura, she helps people to master the art of mindfulness, awareness building during formal sessions or during casual one-on-one chats in the retreatRead more about Hitanshi here.
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