Yoga Detox Trekking Retreat Jibhi

Yoga Detox Trekking Retreat in Jibhi, Himachal Pradesh is a short 3 day vacation experience that combines Yoga, Meditation, Trekking and Detox using Sweatlodge technique. It will help in both physical and spiritual detoxification. During this retreat explore the picturesque Jibhi, Jalori Pass and Raghupur Fort.



Jibhi: It is a little known scenic hamlet in the Banjar Valley or Tirthan Valley of Himachal Pradesh. The mountains surrounding Jibhi are lush with pine and cedar forests and it is also just one hour away from the Great Himalayan National Park.


Jalori Pass: The serene ambiance rendered by mighty Himalayas presents unmatched opportunities to unwind the body and savour the nature's exquisite. The seasonal flowers bloomed in the region along with the exotic flora and fauna in the midst of immaculate solitude of highlands relaxes the senses and hence makes it ideal place to meditate.


Raghupur Fort : The trail from Jalori Pass to the remaining fort walls(4 km) gently descends through thick forest, before a steep ascent and then a long but gradual walk through open meadows. The ruins of Raghupur Fort are just an excuse to hike up to a birdís-eye view of the Seraj Valley, from a verdant clearing at the top of a hill. We would reach the location from Delhi to Manali bus which stops at Aut. From Aut we would hire local taxi to reach the location, Rana Swiss Cottages.



A Hatha Yoga teacher, who apart from Yogic practices, would help keep the retreat lively and enjoyable. He enjoys keeping the energy high during the travel, adventure activities or Yoga sessions. Enjoy his jolly nature and a constant smile on the face; in midst of sometimes difficult treks that keeps the group goingRead more about Gourav here.


A Hath Yoga Practioner, she is a sweet yet a disciplined person. With her serene aura, she helps people to master the art of mindfulness, awareness building during formal sessions or during casual one-on-one chats in the retreatRead more about Hitanshi here.


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